Our Well-Being sessions allow you to experience conscious physical movement which allow for a deeper understanding of your body and instil freedom from thought.
Join us, you will feel the benefits.

Improve flexibility, strength, and posture. Daily yoga practice will help stretch, tone your body ad strengthen your muscles while promoting better fitness, allows for easier weight loss and maintenance. Increase vitality, teaches you how to breath which in turn reduces stress and induces an overall happier being and connects you with your body for a more mindful you. HATHA, VINYASA, YIN YOGA. (60 min.)

Let our professional mediation practitioners guide you into a state of pure relaxation. In each session you will learn how to allow thoughts to flow through you how to let go of toxic thought patterns that no longer serve you and will guide you to a place of peace and beauty allowing you a renewed understanding of your daily life and help give you a new perspective on life in general. This has also known to have great health benefits as hormone balancing, stress release, and aspects into self healing. (60 min. - Group / Private) 

We have put together our monthly Retreat programs conducted by our team of professional facilitators of Yoga, Fitness, Well being practices, Nutrition, Workshops, Coaching and Seminars. Each month we bring you new and inspirational programs to help you live a better life and to bring forward the best version of You.  Contact us and find out what we have inspired for you this and every month. 

Watsu is a form of aquatic meditation and bodywork used for deep relaxation and passive aquatic therapy. Watsu is our one-on-one sessions in which your practitioner or therapist gently cradles, moves, stretches, and glides you along as you float in our warm salt water meditation pool. 

Perfect for those who have chronic joint pain, muscle pain, back pain and who search for a painless way to experience being weightless. (45 min.)

Enter your quiet realm of relaxation with this massage ritual combined with a short meditation practice effective for reducing stress, inducing better sleep patterns and  calm the mind. (70 min.)

Experience the sounds of serenity as your thoughts drift away during this time in solitude. Our salt water pool helps you float, relieving unnecessary pressures and discomfort of body and mind.