Discover the beauties of Sapanca where green meets blue at Elite World Grand Sapanca. Enjoy the adventure at Elite World Grand Sapanca, located in a unique location near Sapanca Lake.

Safari adventure with ATV and UTV , forest walks where you will discover nature, trekking in the open air and many more activities…

Elite World Grand Sapanca invites you to the heart of nature.

To get information from our expert and experienced team :
  • ATV & UTV Safari

    ATV & UTV Safari

    Are you ready for the nature trips we will make in our forest track for an average of 5 km with a 30-minute drive time? You can experience adventure-filled moments on our lake and forest view track in groups with a maximum of 7 vehicles, accompanied by a private guide. Our guests who will use ATVs for the first time will have a different experience on the track specially prepared for them.


  • Trekking & Lake Tour

    You can start the day by walking on the trekking track of Elite World Grand Sapanca in the heart of nature. You can discover the beauty of the vegetation with the walk you will take in the lush geography of Sapanca. In addition, guests who wish can experience the breathing and stretching exercise program.

    Trekking & Lake Tour
  • Outdoor Shooting Range

    Outdoor Shooting Range

    While having fun, you can experience exciting moments in the open-air shooting range where strategy is dominant. You can shoot away from the stress of the city in our private area where all necessary controls are made and all security measures are taken.

    Activities are based on weather availability.

  • Treasure Hunt

    The Treasure Hunt game, which started with the discovery of the Admiral Benbow Inn Map run by Jim Hawkins' family, was adapted from the world classic "Treasure Island". In this special game, you can experience an adventure full of fun and mystery by trying to find 10 mysterious points encrypted in the forest. You will also rediscover your team spirit with Treasure Hunt, which is actually a team game.

    Activities are based on weather availability.

    Treasure Hunt
  • Workshops


    You can have new experiences in groups with a workshop of your choice. Workshops, which include clay works, terrarium, marbling art, wood painting and simple carving, are carried out under the leadership of private instructors.

  • Tennis & Basketball

    Enjoy your holiday with sports activities where you can have fun and socialize with your friends.

    Tennis & Basketball
  • Game Arena

    Game Arena

    You can play fun games on the latest technology game machines in the Game Arena within the hotel. You will not understand how the time passes in the Game Arena, where there are fun activities for children as well.

  • Billiards

    You can enjoy billiards, which is among the 5 most popular sports in Europe, in the Game Arena section of Elite World Grand Sapanca.

  • Ping Pong

    Ping Pong

    You can have fun while experiencing the sweet rush of competition with your friends in the table tennis areas located in the Game Arena. In addition, guests of Elite World Grand Sapanca can spend a pleasant and competitive time with the table tennis tournament they will organize among themselves.

  • Bowling

    Competition has never been this fun! You can add fun and competitive memories to your holiday in our Bowling Hall where 4 groups can play at the same time.

  • Gymboree - Kids Club

    Gymboree - Kids Club

    By signing a special cooperation with Gymboree, which has been operating in Turkey for 17 years, we enable your children (4 - 10 years) to have a different experience with fun activities.