Fit Life Spa & Wellness makes it a priority to ensure the perfect experience, taking each guest from the frenetic pace of city life into  the calm rhythm and endless beauty of nature.

Sapanca has long been the place where Istanbulites escape to when in need to re-energize, fill their sites with the colors of nature and breath in the fresh clean air of the mountains.

We invite each guest to partake in any one of our programs to “Re-Unite” with the Forest and connect with Mother Nature.

"The forest reveals to us a beautiful part of us we could not find anywhere else.” Kristen Butler

No walls, no barriers, only freedom of space. Listen to the silence of the space around you, breath in its serenity and let go of your mind. We guide you in this beautiful meditaiton as you become one with the forest.

Feel the space of the forest that surrounds you and allow your body the freedom of movement as you ease into every asana. Yoga at your pace, make it as challenging as you choose to and flow with the rhythm of the forest. The only tools we need are ones supplied to us by our surroundings here in the forest.