As the wedding season approaches, couples are turning to alternative venues instead of ordinary places. As a result, the number of couples who want to organize a spacious wedding outdoors rather than indoor wedding halls are increasing. Poolside wedding venues, which make this special day of couples starting their new lives even more unforgettable, are among the best options. Couples living a beautiful day with their loved ones under the endless sky combined with the peaceful blue of the pool ensure that their wedding day is unforgettable. So, what should be considered when organizing a wedding by the pool? Let's take a look at the details that will put a big smile on your face.


1. Determine Your Wedding Theme

Determining your wedding theme is important not only for poolside weddings but also for every wedding organization. If you want to take a trip to the past with romantic touches, you can choose the vintage theme. You can prepare a small nostalgia corner and decorate the area with frames from old movies. You can color your decoration by getting support from vintage floor lamps and tulle.

Although you will have your wedding by the pool, you can choose a theme that resembles a country wedding. By installing hammocks and swings, you can create environments that your guests will enjoy. You can decorate the wedding area with colorful flowers.

If you want to add modern touches to your wedding, you can also take advantage of the cocktail style. If you want the event time to be shorter, the cocktail style is for you! You can create a more casual atmosphere by placing cocktail tables around the pool. You can present the magical energy of string instruments to your guests and make the atmosphere even more pleasant with beverage service.


2. Pay Attention to Lighting

Lighting plays a very important role in outdoor poolside weddings as they directly affect the elegance of the environment. You should pay attention to the number and location of the lighting so that the guests can see you enough. You can place flowers in the pool and put lighting on the flowers. You can use lanterns to hang them on tree branches.


3. Choose Decorations Carefully

Tabletop, chair, and pool decorations are indispensable for poolside weddings. You need to consider your wedding theme when choosing decorations. But you should consider symbols that have a special meaning for you, regardless of your theme. This makes your wedding even more special. You can benefit from aesthetically designed candles and flowers on the tables. For a flashier theme, you can choose candlesticks.

Pool decorations are very different from table decorations. When the beauty of the decorations is added to the pool detail, which is not seen at every wedding, a wonderful atmosphere emerges. For pool decorations, you should not go away from your theme. You can decorate the poolside with stylish candles and place flowers inside the pool. If you want, you can use the frequently preferred lotus or you can create a romantic atmosphere with rose petals. If you wish, you can also place stylish balloons in the pool.


4. Most Importantly, Choosing a Wedding Dress

No matter where your wedding is, the choice of wedding dress is at the key point. If you are going to choose a wedding dress for poolside weddings, you should choose a wedding dress model that you can relax in the open air. Fluffy wedding dresses will make it difficult for you to move between the tables, as well as make it difficult for you to walk on the grass floor. Wedding dresses in the form of fish would be ideal for poolside weddings. Tailed models in the form of a mermaid are also very suitable for your poolside wedding theme.


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