Meaningful Gift Suggestions You Can Give to Your Guests at Your Wedding

How about preparing meaningful gifts that will delight your guests on your most special day? You can make your wedding even more remarkable by giving meaningful gifts to your loved ones who do not leave you all alone on your special day. So, how? By going through our list of meaningful gift suggestions that you can give to your guests at your wedding, you can evaluate great gift options and make this important day even more special with the suggestions you like.


Food for Animals

We are here with a great gift idea that will please your guests who own pets or your animal-loving guests: Food for Animals! You can provide food for our furry friends that are homeless or in a shelter and you can give your guests a card showing that you are volunteering. If you prefer, you can purchase food and put it in small packages and present these foods to your guests. In this way, your guests who come to the wedding can feed the animals themselves if they want to. You can put the packages of food on the table or place them on the chairs.



Books can be a great wedding gift if you're a literature enthusiast couple who wants to promote reading. Books, which are an interesting gift, especially for families with children, also allow you to make an unforgettable gift. You can present books from world literature or Turkish classics to your guests who are invited to your wedding, hence it will support their cultural development.



Keychain is one of the functional and stylish gift options. Keychains with stylish embroideries, cartoon characters, or figures such as trees, cats and birds that will be liked by almost everyone are also an ideal option as a wedding gift. If you prefer, you can separate the keychains with cartoon characters for children and give different models to adults.


Donations to Non-Governmental Organizations or Associations

Helping non-governmental organizations or associations is a gift most people prefer. You can donate to non-governmental organizations for your guests and give donation cards as gifts. Since it will be more meaningful to make donations according to the names of your guests, you need to clarify before the wedding whether the participants will come or not. Afterward, you can print special cards with your name and place these cards according to the seating arrangement.


Plant Seed

It makes a lot of sense to give your guests the plant seeds they can nurture and grow, right? It is an unforgettable gift to give the impression that the plant will grow over time, just as your family, whose seeds you sow, will develop over time. By giving seeds that symbolize growth and development to each guest, you are also offering them a long-term and meaningful journey.



Do you have a special poem that is meaningful to you and your future spouse? If your answer is "Yes", you can present elegant cards with this poem to your guests. But if there is no such poem, don’t worry. You can give your guests a meaningful gift by choosing one or a few of the thousands of love poems that have been written. If you prefer, you can also add small pictures next to the poem.


Local Gifts

You can consider the local items of your future spouse or your hometown as a gift alternative. For example, if one of you is from Isparta, you can present rose oil or rose water to your guests. If your hometown does not have local items, you can take advantage of the local details of the city where the wedding took place.


Record Your Wedding Song

One of the details that makes the wedding unforgettable is the first dance song. This song is usually a couple's special song. You can turn your first dance song into a CD or vinyl record to increase the memory of your wedding song and your wedding. If you prefer, you can collect all the songs played at your wedding on a single record. For a more personal and meaningful gift, you can place the plate that you have prepared in elegant packaging.


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