Istanbul Culture and Art Events: September 2023

With the month of September, the streets of Istanbul continue to present the magical world of art and culture. This month when the autumn season arrives, places will meet with the most striking examples of art and the streets will almost turn into a stage. The month of September is full of exciting exhibitions, fascinating concerts, theatre shows and impressive stage performances, offering beautiful options for those who want to spend time with art. In this special period, you have the chance to encounter a different work of art in every corner of the city, so be a part of this unique magic of Istanbul and book your place right away!


Animated Movies and Their Interesting Encounter with Jazz: Chico & Rita

"Chico & Rita", the first animated film of the Spanish cinema to be nominated for an Academy Award, brings a passionate love story in the jazz clubs of Havana and New York that is based in the 1940s, to the big screen. The film presents an attractive, cheerful, and emotional atmosphere where nudity and rhythm unite in perfect harmony in each scene. Reflecting the characteristic spirit of Havana, the drawings peculiar to the 40s also contain elements that bear traces of the New York of that period.

The movie will be on screen at Kalamış Atatürk Park and can be watched with Turkish subtitles. The animated film, which lasts 94 minutes, will meet with the audience on September 6 at 21:00.


Raise the Music! Istanbul Rooftop Festival 2023

Istanbul Rooftop Festival which has been organized since 2015, will host an event that is filled with magnificent views of the city on Saturday, September 9th. This special event brings festival lovers together to collect unforgettable memories and share pleasant moments. Famous artists and groups such as Palmiyeler, Ali Kuru, Marcel Vogel and Oceanvs Orientalis will be on the stage throughout the festival.

Rooftop Festival aims to provide participants with an all-day experience by offering the opportunity to explore special terraces with the same ticket. Festival participants will not only step into the magical world of music with the performances of many famous local and foreign artists but also experience the fun to the fullest in an atmosphere that is filled with creative workshops, cocktails, and special tastes. Don't miss out on this special day and enjoy the music that is coming out from the rooftops.


Journey to the Golden Age of Hip-Hop: LUV x 90s & 2000s Party

The indispensable series of fun-filled parties, "LUV x HIP-HOP Party" is eagerly awaited with the new 90s & 2000s theme. Unforgettable hits such as Beyoncé, Kanye West, 50 Cent and The Pussycat Dolls, as well as R&B, hip-hop and Latin-pop classics, will provide the participants with a magnificent musical feast throughout the night. In addition to these, the energy of DJ Armageddon Turk, the performance of the party's live host MC Ankos and the gleaming dances of special dancers Esin Turay and Dilara Küçük will enchant the audience.

Standing out with the 90s & 2000s theme, the LUV x HIP-HOP Party will take its place in Beyoğlu on Saturday, September 16, 2023. In this event, which appeals to participants over the age of 18, the dance floor on the stage will be available to everyone and the participants will have the opportunity to showcase their talents. Tonight, is a candidate to give you unforgettable moments with the most beautiful songs of nostalgia and an energetic atmosphere!


Reaching Beyond the Game: Gaming Istanbul 2023

Gaming Istanbul is getting ready to bring together game enthusiasts from both the country and all over the world once again. Wouldn't you like to participate in this event, which is full of games, competitive tournaments and competitive competitions that will be introduced for the first time around the world? If you would like to dive into the magical world of games and get away from the real world, follow the latest developments in the game industry, or just to enjoy the moment well then, we have a special festival for you!

Gaming Istanbul, which is appealing to all gamers, will take place on 22-24 September 2023 at Dr. Kadir Topbaş Show and Art Center.


Acoustic Serenade of Fusion Music: Al Di Meola Concert

Would you like to accompany the concert of a composer who is known for his countless compositions and blending different musical cultures, a virtuoso who is integrated with his own instrument? Al Di Meola, one of the names that ravaged the last 50 years of fusion music, will now take the stage at the 33rd Akbank Jazz Festival. The artist, who blends Latin and Middle Eastern melodies with tango, flamenco, and jazz with his unique guitar, offers a unique musical feast that is full of fascinating lyrical melodies and complex harmonies.

The concert that the artist will give in Istanbul will take place on Monday, September 25 at 21:00 at the AKM Theatre Hall. Don't miss out on this special night to capture the energy and magic of Al Di Meola's stage!