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Autumn, when the footsteps of winter are heard, is a great opportunity for you to refresh, even though it is a transition period for some. Although it is called the season of sadness, starting in September, hopes also bloom with a new season. Yellowing leaves and warm weather away from the summer heat do bring change. So, what can you do to keep up with the rhythm of autumn's change? Here are some suggestions for you!


1. Take Advantage of the Beauties of the Season

As the burning effect of the sun decreases, the pleasure of the gentle breeze emerges. You can leave your home and take action to experience this pleasure. You can take nature walks that will allow you to discover the change in nature. You can record unique moments with your camera while walking accompanied by the crackling of falling yellow leaves.

You can collect a dried leaf or fallen pinecone that you like from your walk and take it home with you. You can display the materials you collect in a stylish bowl and reflect the magical effect of autumn in your home decoration.

With the end of the summer season, the theater season begins. Starting in September, you can buy tickets to beautiful plays and go to various shows with your loved ones. With the arrival of autumn, iced coffees give their seat to hot tastes. You can go to a coffee shop that you like, try new flavors, and start reading the book you've been wanting to read for a long time.


2. Prepare Your Home for Autumn

In autumn, which is the transition season to winter, the weather begins to cool slightly. During this period, you can make small changes in your home. You can take your knitted blanket out of the closet and place it on your sofa. This way, you can get under the blanket and enjoy TV series or movies. By purchasing a stylish knitted shawl, you can spread it on your sofas, adding beauty to your decoration and having an easily accessible cover when you're cold.

Fragrant candles, lighting products and incense can also decorate your home during this period. As the nights start to get longer, you can benefit from candles and stylish lighting products. You can take your seats in front of the heater and place them next to the wall. If you wish, you can create a nice reading corner close to your library and use the pinecones and yellowed leaves that you collect while walking in your reading corner.

With the arrival of autumn, your clothes also change. You can choose thicker clothes than your summer clothes, although not as much as winter products such as fleeces and sweatshirts. To have easier access to your winter clothes, you can remove the summer clothes in your closet and replace them with winter clothes.


3. Have a Little Getaway, Away from The City Life

With autumn, many people return to a busy work schedule. During this period, you can give yourself the right to take a little getaway before your workload starts. You don't need to go to far places to make this getaway. You can choose cleansing services such as a Turkish bath, massage parlor, swimming pool, sauna and steam room that are located close to where you live. This way, you can make a gesture to yourself before the busy schedule.

During this period, you can also evaluate the facilities with areas where you can work out. After working out, you can relax with a delicious drink and treat yourself to a pleasant time. Autumn is also an extremely enjoyable time to do nature sports. In this season, you can take nature walks alone or in groups and discover new places.

If you wish, you can travel out of town. You will especially enjoy visiting places that are surrounded by nature in autumn. You can travel as you wish and enjoy unique views without the oppressive effect of hot weather.


Tips for Cleansing in Autumn: Fit Life Spa & Health Center

You can get rid of the heat and fatigue of summer with Fit Life Spa & Health Center, located within Elite World Hotels & Resorts. Expert Far Eastern therapists serving at Fit Life Spa & Health Center use special massage techniques to say goodbye to your fatigue. Aromatherapy Massage, Fit Life Sports Massage, Shiatsu Massage, Thai Massage, Reflexology, Jet Lag Massage, Volcanic Hot Stone Therapy, Esalen Massage Therapy, Tuina, Traditional Balinese Massage, Synchronized Balinese Massage, Judas tree and Forest Fruits Ritual, Scrub and Foam Massage services are here for you to experience it so you can maintain your energy during the transition of seasons.

You can pamper yourself with a relaxing massage after working out using ergonomic sports equipment. You can also take private swimming lessons at Fit Life Spa & Health Center and improve your swimming skills. Outdoor and indoor pools, Turkish Baths, Sauna, Steam Room, Snow Fountain, and Adventure Showers are also offered to you at Elite World Hotels & Resorts.


You can choose Fit Life Spa & Health Center to rejuvenate and relax from head to toe in autumn. You can make a reservation right away to visit Elite World Hotels & Resorts in Istanbul, Sapanca, Marmaris or Van.

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