Autumn Destinations That Will Fascinate You

Turkey attracts the attention of the whole world, not only with its historical and geopolitical location but also with the fact that it is surrounded by seas on three sides and can experience four seasons. Like any season, autumn has its own charm for some people. Falling leaves, pastel-colored and postcard-like landscapes, cloudy skies, wind and softly pouring rain seem to be harmoniously juxtaposed to place autumn in a unique location. It is possible to experience the joy of autumn, which resembles a painting that a painter has carefully transferred into their canvas, at some points. Let's have a look at the autumn destinations that you will never want to leave that painting where it will fascinate you!


For Those Who Want to Feel the Nature: Kaz Mountains

How would you like to experience autumn in the heart of nature? Located approximately 4 hours from Istanbul, Kaz Mountains are located in the north of Edremit Bay, between Çanakkale and Balıkesir. With its lush vegetation, the Kaz Mountains fascinate nature enthusiasts by taking on shades of brown in autumn. The location is basically an oxygen store with fresh air. There are three hills in the Kaz Mountains, which have been the subject of many legends since ancient times: Babadağ, Sarıkız Hill and Karatepe. By visiting the Kaz Mountains in autumn, you can watch the postcard-like views of these hills and collect unforgettable memories.


For Tranquility: Abant

Located within the borders of Bolu, Abant is a national park and is under protection. A wonderful lake view is waiting for you in Abant, which welcomes its visitors with its unique texture. The trees that surround the lake, on the other hand, turn from green to yellow in autumn and reach a different beauty. In this way, it generously offers you the characteristic beauties of autumn, as in every season. In addition to the wonderful lake view in the region, addresses such as Yedigöller National Park, Sinekli Plateau, Seben Kaya Evleri, Abant Natural History Museum, Örmeci Plateau and Yıldırım Bayezid Mosque also give you the opportunity to enrich your route. In Abant, which is one of the first stops for those who love to camp, you can spice up your holiday with nature sports such as safari, hiking and trekking.


The Land of Fairy Tales: Cappadocia

Cappadocia, one of the remarkable destinations in autumn, spreads over a wide geography. The popularity of Cappadocia, which is famous for hosting world-famous fairy chimneys, has spread all over the world. The colorful balloons rising above the fairy chimneys offer a fairy-tale atmosphere and a visual feast in Cappadocia, which has also made its mark on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Ürgüp, Ihlara Valley, Göreme, Uçhisar, Avanos and Zelve are also very popular in the region. In Cappadocia, which means "Land of Beautiful Horses" in Persian, you can go on an ATV tour, trek, or join the famous pottery workshop.


For Those Who Are Seeking for An Island Pleasure: Cunda Island

Cunda Island, which is connected to the Ayvalık district of Balıkesir, is a unique destination where you can enjoy a serene holiday. Cunda, also known as Alibey Island, reflects the alluring beauty of autumn in the best way. Riveting its beauty with the characteristic architecture of the Greeks, the island also turns heads with its sea view and manages to impress its visitors with every aspect. Promising unforgettable moments, Cunda Island always has fresh products for those who are fond of seafood.


Away From Stress, In the Heart of Nature: Elite World Grand Sapanca

Sapanca is undoubtedly one of the most important autumn destinations in Turkey. In Sapanca, which promises a peaceful atmosphere with its affluent vegetation and magnificent lake view, you can find the opportunity to embrace nature.

You can take your holiday to a unique point by combining the experience you will have in the arms of nature with a comfortable stay. Elite World Grand Sapanca, which provides you with this privilege, makes you experience autumn to the fullest with its forest and pond view rooms. At the same time, Adventure Park allows you to spend a holiday in touch with nature. In order to leave the tiredness of the day all behind, it offers Fit Life SPA & Wellness Center for your use. Make your reservation right away to visit Elite World Grand Sapanca for a tranquil vacation in the heart of nature.


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