Autumn, one of the most beautiful frames of nature, is even more beautiful in our country where four seasons are experienced. Showing all its beauty in a generous way, autumn creates unique natural landscapes in many cities in Turkey. Here are the natural wonder destinations in Turkey, where you will witness the whole aesthetic stance of the season, identified with autumn.


A Postcard from Bolu: Abant


When the words “Turkey” and “autumn” come together, perhaps the first place that comes to mind is the Abant region of Bolu. Offering a postcard-like image in the truest sense of the word, Abant offers its visitors the opportunity to embrace nature. Although the region comes to the fore with Lake Abant Nature Park, Akkaya Travertines, Güzeldere Waterfall and many plateaus accompany this location. This richness promised by Abant also makes the region more attractive.

There are also activities that will make your visit to Abant more colorful in autumn. In this context, you can have a picnic or camp in the highlands of Abant, join a safari, or cycling trips. You can take a walk by the Abant Lake or take a pleasant carriage ride. You can turn your evening meals into a kind of feast accompanied by spotted seatrout.


Natural Wonder: Yedigöller


Our second address in autumn destinations identified with Turkey is located within the borders of Bolu. There are lakes named Büyük, Küçük, Serin, Derin, Sazlı, Nazlı, and İnce in Yedigöller, which generously reflect the entire aesthetic appearance of autumn. Yedigöller National Park, which is also one of the most important forests in our country, does not fail to offer a botanical richness. There are thousands of different tree species in Yedigöller National Park, from linden to beech, from oak to hornbeam, and from fir to yellow pine.

Yedigöller National Park, which contains all the colors of autumn and nature, is a location where you can feel the peace in your bones. In this national park, you can have a wonderful nature walk among the lakes, as well as visit various points. Kapankaya Tepesi, Pisagor Ağacı, Gülen Kayalar, Dilek Çeşmesi, Yığılca Saklıkent Şelalesi and Geyik Üretme Çiftliği are just some of them.


Kocaeli's Favorite: Maşukiye


Maşukiye, located in a special location between the shores of Sapanca Lake and Kartepe, is beautiful in all seasons of the year, but it is way more beautiful during autumn. Reflecting the thousands of colors of nature in autumn, Maşukiye almost resembles an oil painting. The region, which has managed to stand out with its proximity to Istanbul, offers the opportunity for weekend getaways. Let us remind you that Maşukiye is famous for its waterfalls, trout restaurants, and delicious natural products. Especially if you like eating fish, Maşukiye is the perfect place for you to taste unique flavors.

Of course, what you can do in Maşukiye, also known as the Lovers Village, is not just about buying natural products and tasting trout. In this region, which reflects the spirit of nature, you can listen to the sound of water flowing from streams and waterfalls, and take long nature walks. You can have a pleasant picnic while filling yourself with fresh air in the highlands. Let's not forget that Maşukiye's breakfast enriched with natural flavors is also famous. For the final destination, you can visit Sapanca right next to Maşukiye.


Experience Sapanca in Autumn with Elite World Quality

Sonbaharda Sapanca'yı Elite World Kalitesiyle Yaşayın

Reflecting all the beauties of autumn, Sapanca is one of the most important destinations identified with autumn in Turkey. This special region with lush forested land on its back and Sapanca Lake just in front of it; also attracts the attention of all domestic and foreign tourists. Elite World Grand Sapanca, located in one of the most beautiful spots in the region, also gives you the opportunity to turn your visit into a comfortable stay.

Elite World Grand Sapanca, which helps you to make your visit to Sapanca an unforgettable one with its aesthetic texture, spacious and stylish rooms promising comfort, offers you countless possibilities. The hotel, which has a wonderful view of nature, draws attention with its heated saltwater lagoon. Elite World Grand Sapanca, which aspires to relieve all your tiredness with its Fit Life SPA & Wellness center, also allows you to meet unforgettable tastes at The Grill Ocakbaşı. You can also contact Elite World Grand Sapanca to take advantage of this privileged world of the hotel in Sapanca or to get more information.


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