The Most Beautiful Season... 8 Reasons to Be Happy in Autumn

While experiencing the last moments of summer, we all get excited with the arrival of a new season. In addition to the long hiking opportunities in autumn, camps with your loved ones in a lush forest, coffees you can prepare together at home, and much more are waiting for you. For those who do not want to leave the house, reading hours and movie nights make the day much more enjoyable. Here are 8 reasons to love autumn!


1. Wonderful Weather for Pleasant Walks

Whether you are with your pet, alone, or with your loved ones, taking a nice walk in a gentle breeze can help you have a pleasant day. With the arrival of autumn, you can relax in a forest that is adorned with coffee tones while escaping the noise of the city.

You can feel much more energetic and healthier by doing small exercises after taking a walk. It is also possible to capture beautiful pictures during your walks in the magnificent scenery of autumn!


2. A Calm Environment: The Pleasure of Reading with a Cup of Coffee

Almost everyone has books that are waiting to be read in their library. Now it is time to get those books off those dusty shelves! When it comes to the autumn season, cloudy weather usually comes to mind. Like many people, in this weather, you would prefer to spend a quiet day.

At such times, make a cup of coffee or herbal tea that will give you peace, settle in your seat and enjoy your book! If you want to take this calmness outside your home, you can fill up your drink in a thermos and find a quiet corner on a beach or in the woods.


3. Fun Celebrations: Get Ready for Halloween!

Are you one of those who love events and celebrations? Then you can start preparing for the most fun day of autumn! For Halloween, which takes place at the end of October, you can either organize a party in your own home or choose from the parties that you have been invited to. If you are going to organize your own party, it can be very enjoyable to decorate your home. Carve your pumpkins and go trick or treating!


4. Delicious Meals and Desserts According to the Seasons

Delicious autumn flavors are at the door! From stuffed quinces to spinach gratin, from fried cauliflower to pumpkin soup, you can experience a feast of taste. You can make your own recipes using seasonal fruits and vegetables or enjoy the meals that you miss at your favorite restaurants.

You can celebrate the arrival of autumn by preparing a beautiful and stylish table for your friends, loved ones and family. You can make a wonderful dish from celery root that you can cook in the oven and complete your table with a salad plate that is filled with seasonal greens.


5. One of the Best Seasons for Cycling

Autumn is one of the most enjoyable seasons for cycling, just as it is for walks! You can enjoy cycling along the coast, in the forests and in the gardens. You can get rid of your thoughts and get fresh air with a quiet bike ride in a forest that is full of colorful leaves. The rustling of the leaves and the breeze of the wind will accompany you on your bike ride. You can collect and paint pinecones during this tour or have a small picnic by the river.


6. Stylish New Season Outfits Are Waiting for You

As the summer season leaves its place for autumn, the weather is slowly getting colder. You can bring out your winter coats or arrange a whole new wardrobe for yourself if you feel the need to. You can buy trendy coats, ponchos, gloves, scarves, and sweatshirts according to the season. You can pamper yourself with new combinations that you will make. You can even knit them yourself if you want to! In this way, you will acquire a new hobby, meet your own needs, and make your loved ones happy with the gifts that you will give.


7. The Right Time to Wrap Up in Blankets and Watch Movies

After the intensity of summer season, it is time to relax with autumn! You can organize movie nights on the cool autumn evenings. You can spend a pleasant evening with your loved ones, popping popcorn and wrapping around your blankies. Watching a heartwarming movie with hot chocolate can make you and your loved ones satisfied. You can put on a romantic movie and get emotional, laugh with comedy movies, or bawl your eyes out with drama movies!


8. You Can Add a Completely Different Atmosphere to Your Home Depending on The Season

If you are bored with the look of your home, we have a brand-new idea for you! You can prepare your own autumn-themed corner somewhere around your house. You can buy new furniture for this section, illuminate the environment with LEDs and even paint the wall in a completely different color. You can prepare a small corner with your favorite flowers on the edge of your window. You can prepare a reading area for your books, or you can create a small hobby area by using your canvases.


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