Romantic Movie Suggestions to Enjoy the Weekend Evening

There is nothing like watching a movie to leave the tiredness of the whole week behind. If you would like to spend your weekend evenings with pleasure, you can watch movies that tell a passionate love story. You can complete your week in a tranquil and peaceful atmosphere with romantic movies that have the fragrance of love. Here are romantic movie suggestions that are more immersive and contain a high dose of romance that will add fun to your weekend evenings!


Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind-2004(IMDb:8.3)

This movie contains romance, science fiction and drama elements and overall is an interesting movie that you will watch Jim Carrey with curiosity apart from his comedy movies. Considering each other to be the love of their lives, Joel and Clementine make a completely different decision when their relationship hits a stalemate. The couple, who erased each other from their memories after breaking up, experience unexpected events on the road that it leads to emptiness and darkness. Offering an enjoyable movie experience, the movie manages to drag the audience toward this irreversible journey with excitement and curiosity.



In this interesting story where science fiction and romance are intertwined, Theodore, who is a lonely man in the final stages of his divorce, tries to get through this process. Working as a letter writer, Theodore spends his free time with friends and playing video games. One day, he decides to buy the world's first artificial intelligence operating system, which caught his attention on his commute. What happens next between Samantha and Theodore, the operating system, plunges him into greater internal conflicts.


About Time-2013(IMDb:7.8)

At the age of 21, Tim Lake discovers that he can time travel like the other men in his family. He decides to use this ability to correct his past mistakes and change his embarrassing moments. After he moves to London and meets Mary, he realizes that he can't fix his mistakes that way. Trying to fix every mistake made in the relationship starts to shake the real dynamics of the relationship. Trying to bring a new dimension to his relationship, Tim realizes his mistake before it's too late.

Pride and Prejudice-2005(IMDb:7.8)

Pride and Prejudice, like in the title, deals with a love story in which pride and prejudice take over love. Adapted from the novel of the same name by Jane Austen; The life of the Bennet family is turned upside down when the single, wealthy, and proud Mr. Darcy arrives in town. The passionate love between Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth overshadows the dreams and plans of Elizabeth's mother. The movie captures the Georgian era in England and indicates the decisive role of factors such as economic relations, social status, and environment on emotional relations.


Midnight in Paris-2011(IMDb:7.7)

Midnight in Paris, a Woody Allen movie, tells the interesting story of Gil and Inez couple, who go to Paris for a vacation on the pretext of their parents' business trip. Gil is a successful Hollywood writer and a nostalgic screenwriter. Working on his first novel, Gil is fascinated as he wanders around Paris and thinks the city is an inspiration for him. Gil's midnight walks in Paris are the first steps to a fantastic journey and a new beginning in his life.


Cold War-2018(IMDb: 7.5)

The movie captures the 1950s and is about the passionate and impossible love between a music director and a singer with different characters and backgrounds. The story of Wiktor and Zula, whose paths cross in the shadow of the Cold War, takes place in Poland, Berlin, Yugoslavia, and Paris. Although they are quite drawn to each other, their personality traits and political issues drive them apart. The movie, which won the Best Director award at the 2018 Cannes Film Festival, will take you to the peaks of romance with its nostalgic black-and-white image.


Me Before You-2016(IMDb: 7.4)

Rich, handsome and highly successful at anything his hands can reach, Will Traynor has almost anything he wants. An energetic young man who likes to play exciting and dangerous sports is paralyzed after a motorcycle accident. After that, Will, who has to spend his entire life tied to a bed and a wheelchair, begins to think about ending his own life. Louisa Clark, who started to work as a babysitter for herself, is a young woman who has not lost her joy even though she can't get what she wants in life. Louisa's captivating laughter and her will to live remind Will of some of the things he forgot about.


Rosie/Love, Rosie-2014(IMDb: 7.1)

When it comes to romantic movies, movies about childhood love are in the first place. Rosie and Alex, who have known each other since they were five years old, are also each other's best friends. The duo, who get along very well with everything, always stumbles when it comes to making the right decisions about life. A decision they made when they were only 18 years old becomes a turning point in both of their lives. Although relationships, marriages and divorces cause them to be apart for many years, when they find each other again, fate opens a different door for them.


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