The Best Christmas Movies That Will Keep You in the Christmas Spirit to the Fullest

Are you ready to immerse yourself in the Christmas spirit? As there are only a few days left until Christmas, we can say that it is the perfect time to watch delightful Christmas movies! One of the pleasant ways to enjoy the upcoming new year is to get into the mood with movies. That's why we've prepared a great list for you! Here are the best Christmas movies that will keep the Christmas spirit alive to the fullest.

From Accident to Love: Falling for Christmas-IMDb: 5.2

The movie, which brings together the famous actress Lindsay Lohan and Chord Overstreet, is a sweet romantic comedy! In the movie, a young woman, the heiress of a large hotel, has a skiing accident before Christmas. The young, engaged woman loses her memory. Then, a handsome man who owns a pension and his little daughter take care of her. You can also enjoy the snow scenery in the movie, which contains many messages about Christmas.


The Calendar That Leads to Hope and Love: The Holiday Calendar - IMDb: 5.7

The movie casts Kat Graham and Quincy Brown from the stars of The Vampire Diaries. The movie focuses on the story of Abby, whose life changes from head to toe with a Christmas gift that she receives. Abby, a talented photographer, is a young woman stuck in a job that she doesn't like. The Advert calendar gifted to Abby invites her to love and a wonderful journey. If you are looking for a movie that will raise your hopes for life and love, The Holiday Calendar might be what you are looking for!


Journey of Family Secrets: The Noel Diary-IMDb: 6.1

If you're looking for a romantic movie that will warm you up, The Noel Diary may be a great choice for you. In the movie, a writer named Jacob Turner is forced to go to his home, which he has not visited for years, after his mother's death. Jacob, who is about to sell the house, finds his old diary at home and discovers some secrets about his family. Justin Hartley and Barrett Doss share the leading roles in the adventure of Jacob, who goes after these secrets with Rachel, whom he encounters at that time.


To Find the Meaning of Christmas: Scrooge: A Christmas Carol-IMDb: 6.2

If you would like to watch a great movie with your children, this animated movie may be a great option for you. In this movie, which is adapted from Charles Dickens's novel A Christmas Carol, we watch a man named Scrooge, a cheapskate, grumpy and unbearable old man. This old man, who is not satisfied with anything, is visited by three ghosts on Christmas night. These are his past, present and future. You can have a pleasant time with your family while watching Scrooge's journey to understand the meaning of Christmas.


If He Accidentally Become Santa Claus: The Santa Clause-IMDb: 6.5

If you're looking for a family comedy, The Santa Clause movie may be one of the best options for you. The movie, starring Peter Boyle, Tim Allen, and Judge Reinhold, is the first production of the three-film series. A father named Scott witnesses Santa Claus having an accident. Scott is forced to take over Santa's job when he is unable to deliver gifts due to an accident. The adventures of Scott Calvin, who reluctantly accepted this job but after a while, became very fond of doing it, are with you in this movie!


Journey Through Different Love Stories: Love Actually-IMDb: 7.6

10 different love stories are discussed in the movie Love Actually, which was nominated for the Golden Globe "Best Film" and "Best Screenplay" awards. Famous actors Hugh Grant, Liam Neeson and Bill Nighy appear in the film, which tells the romantic stories of Christmas in London. Also, thanks to this film, Bill Nighy received the "Best Supporting Actor" award at the BAFTA Award!


From the North Pole to New York: Elf-IMDb: 7.1

One of the movies that you can watch to have a wonderful New Year's Eve with your children is Elf! Buddy, who grew up in the North Pole and was an elf, realizes that he is human when he starts to grow taller. Thereupon, Buddy set out for New York, determined to find his father there. When he goes to New York, Buddy finds his family and realizes that people in New York have little faith in Christmas. You should definitely watch Elf to see the adventures of the ingenious Buddy!


From the Brink of Suicide to Love: It's A Wonderful Life-IMDb: 8.6

If you enjoy black-and-white movies, this movie is for you! It's a Wonderful Life, produced in 1946, starring James Stewart and Donna Reed. While George Bailey, the protagonist of the film, is at the bridge about to commit suicide, a guardian angel named Clarence comes. She plays a little game to bring George back to life. According to the game, George will see how the lives of the people in his life would have gone if they had not known him. This event, which enabled George to rediscover the meaning of life, will have an unforgettable impact on you!


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