12 Movies About the Sanctity of Our Teachers

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Teachers who help us shape our future are among the people we remember throughout our whole lives. In addition to transferring academic knowledge, teachers also support us on difficult paths that prepare us for life. It is inevitable that teachers who make the lives they touch with care meaningful and valuable will be the subject of movies! Here are 12 fascinating movie suggestions that display the sanctity of teaching!


1. Freedom Writers-2007(IMDb:7.6)

Freedom Writers is inspired by the real-life story of an American teacher named Erin Gruwell. The high school teacher in the lead role of the film is together with students of various races and origins who are struggling with different difficulties. Erin, an idealistic teacher, incorporates concepts such as tolerance, sharing and being open to different worlds into their lives through music and literature.


2. The Blackboard-2000(IMDb:6.8)

The film, which tells the story of teachers looking for students in rural areas of Iran, was deemed worthy of the special jury award at the Cannes Film Festival. The destruction left behind by the war is revealed through teachers traveling from one city to another with blackboards tied to their backs. The film, edited in a narrative language close to a documentary, reveals the sanctity of teaching from an interesting perspective.

3. Dead Poets Society-1989(IMDb:8.1)

Dead Poets Society was adapted for the big screen from the book of the American author Nancy H. Kleinbaum. John Keating, a progressive English teacher, introduces his students to quality works of poetry and literature and enriches their imagination. It teaches them that norms are meaningless, that different perspectives are possible and that they should live life without having any regrets.

4. Taare Zameen Par-2007(IMDb:8.3)

8-year-old Ishaan Awasthi is a special child who does not get along with his family and friends. Ishaan, who cannot establish relationships with those around him because he cannot get along with anyone, is sent to boarding school. Art teacher Ram Shankar is the only one trying to understand him. The journey of this lonely and unhappy child to find himself begins with the help of his art teacher, who tries to establish a relationship with him with care and patience.


5. Lean on Me-1989(IMDb:7.4)

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Inspired by a real-life story, the film is about a determined principal trying to improve the high school he was appointed to. At the high school in Paterson, New York, students live under adverse conditions in a spiral of violence and drugs. School principal Joe Clark manages to establish relationships with these desperate students with his own unique methods.

6. Detachment-2011(IMDb:7.7)

The film, starring Oscar winner Adrien Brody, is about a hopeless and pessimistic teacher named Henry Barthes. Henry, who has a talent for establishing a genuine bond with students, becomes a temporary teacher. He helps his students at the new school he is assigned to adapt to social life and improve their perspectives.


7. Good Will Hunting-1997(IMDb:8.3)

The Oscar-winning film tells the story of Will Hunting, who works as a cleaner at MIT. Will is a very intelligent young man who is eager to learn. Will solves one of the seemingly impossible math problems written on a classroom blackboard. His life evolves in a completely different direction when he is discovered by the professor who wrote the problem. Good Will Hunting is one of the films that masterfully reveals how effective a teacher can be in a person's life.


8. Black-2005(IMDb:8.1)

The film, which is an adaptation of the autobiographical book called The Story of My Life, tells the story of a blind, deaf, and mute girl. Michelle, who could not cope with her family's anger and was considering sending her to a clinic, is trained by private trainer Debraj Sahai, who came into their lives. Over time, Michelle even started going to school and her relationship with her teacher had become extremely impressive.

9. The Great Debaters-2007(IMDb:7.5)

A discussion group was established by Professor Tolson in order to create an alternative environment for students who cannot benefit from educational equality and to contribute to their development. Over time, the student group discovers the power of words and becomes Harvard's strongest rival while learning how to express themselves. The film is based on the real-life story of Melvin B. Tolson, a professor at a small college in Texas.

11. Mona Lisa Smile-2003(IMDb:6.5)

Katherine Ann Watson, an idealistic art history teacher, started working at Wellesley College for girls in New England in 1953. The school, known for its academic success, is also quite conservative. For students who graduate from this school, success is measured by how well they marry. After learning this, Katherine tries to explain to her students that a different life is possible.


12. The Emperor's Club-2002(IMDb:6.9)

William Hundert, a history professor, is an idealist and a tyrannic. Approaching his students with hope and patience, Hundert tries to explain that not giving up is one of the important virtues in life. The film, which shows what a real teacher should be, discusses the importance of making an effort to live rightly through the teacher-student relationship.


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