Physical and Spiritual Changes Reformer Pilates Will Create in Your Life

Reformer Pilates is one of the most preferred trainings in recent years. Reformer Pilates, which was first developed by Joseph Pilates for the treatment of wounded soldiers, gives faster results than mat Pilates. Today, although the reformer tool is different from its original state, it has a similar function. Using the versatile reformer devices, different exercises are performed by sitting, lying and standing. Reformer Pilates, which is recommended to do with your trainer or physiotherapist and is very beneficial for the body and mental health. Here are the benefits you can get by doing Reformer Pilates!


Helps You to Maintain Your Ideal Weight 

If you feel the need to gain or lose weight, you can reach your ideal weight and stay in shape with Reformer Pilates. You will need an intense power to perform Reformer Pilates because of the springs. Doing exercises that will increase energy use is linked with fat burning. Our movement system can move all the muscle groups at the same time, which leads to gaining and losing weight proportionally by improving our body mass index. It also tightens the body by preventing sagging during weight loss. You can do regional exercises with Reformer Pilates, which is especially useful in recovering the lower abdominal muscles that become lazy over time.


Extends Your Range of Motion by Gaining Flexibility

The pulley system of Reformer Pilates allows you to do 360-degree movement with the versatile exercises it provides. In addition, it reduces the risk of injury by lengthening the muscles with stretch movements. Reformer Pilates, which allows movements to be made more freely over time, unwinds your body by reducing the stress accumulated in our muscles. As the muscles start to work continuously, they stretch over time and their mobility increases. You can get a brisker body with Pilates, which also reduces the tension in the joints. If you perform Reformer Pilates regularly, you may find exercising easier over time.


Prevents Posture Problems by Strengthening the Skeletal System

In order to prevent spinal disorders such as scoliosis, hunchback and other posture problems, the upper skeleton system must be strong. You can prevent bone diseases by strengthening the upper skeletal system with Reformer Pilates. Pilates exercises, which require you to resist the spring of the Reformer by using your own body weight, strengthen your muscle and bone structure, allowing you to develop a posture suitable for the natural angle of the spine. If you regularly exercise to strengthen the neck, back and waist muscles, you may notice that your problems such as hernia and nerve compression will decrease.


Supports Mental Health with Correct Breathing Techniques

Proper breathing is important for mental health. Incorrect breathing can cause problems such as nausea, heart palpitations, insomnia and dizziness. Reformer Pilates requires you to breathe properly during an exercise. This allows you to develop the habit of breathing rhythmically over time. Proper breathing helps to reduce mental fatigue by balancing the oxygen and carbon dioxide ratio in the body. You can feel more fit and positive with breathing exercises that also reduce stress levels. In this way, you can increase the amount of oxygen that is traveling to the brain by applying correct breathing methods in your daily life.


Strengthens Your Mind by Increasing Mental Activities

Reformer Pilates requires focusing on the movements. To connect your body with your mind, you must stay present and concentrate on maintaining the balance of your body. During exercise, you can stay focused on your body by not getting distracted from thoughts and discovering what is best for you. You can make peace with your body and increase your self-esteem by focusing on your body with Reformer Pilates, where movements are made in small numbers and in a controlled manner. Pilates provides brain-body coordination, accelerates mental activities and strengthens memory and learning ability. It can also prevent problems such as memory loss by enabling you to have a more vibrant and flexible mind.


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