The city of Van, one of the most beautiful destinations in Turkey; embraces its visitors with its culture, history, unique tastes, nature, and cats. In every square centimeter of its land, 2700 years of history stretches from the Urartians to the present day. With its geographical structure and climatic features, the city attracts visitors, especially during the spring season. Due to the continental climate in Van, which is located in the Eastern Anatolia Region, the winter seasons are quite harsh and the summer seasons are dry. The Autumn seasons are the best time to visit the region where there is heavy snowfall in winter and extreme temperatures in summer. If you want to set a new route in these days when we are living the last days of summer, you can turn your direction to Van. Here are six reasons to visit Van during autumn!


Start the Day with a Feast of Flavor: Van Breakfast

Van Kahvaltısı

Breakfast is a must in this city where different cultures come together and create a rich culinary culture. So much so that the fame of Van's spread breakfast has spread all over the world. There are countless delicacies such as roasted eggs, herbed cheese, butter, honey, cream, kavut*, Van pastry, and tea. Since you have many stops to visit in Van, a firm breakfast will make you feel good!


Witness Thousands of Years of Culture and Tradition

The history of the city, which is called the pearl of the east, dates back to the beginning of the Chalcolithic period between 5000-3000 BC. Around 900 BC, the Urartians chose Van as their capital and named it Tuşba(Tushba). The warm-blooded people of the region fascinate those who see the historical and natural beauties. The region, which is heavily visited by local and foreign tourists every year, comes to the fore with its deep-rooted historical and cultural beauties.


Open a Window to the Past with Akdamar Church


Akdamar Kilisesi'yle Geçmişe Pencere Aralayın


Located on Akdamar Island, which has one of the most beautiful views of Van, Akdamar Church is among the favorite structures of medieval Armenian architecture. The church, which is impressive in terms of architecture, continues to host its visitors today.


Enjoy Activities at Lake Van

The formation of Lake Van, which is famous for the legend of the Van Lake Monster, is based on the volcanic and tectonic movements that took place 200 thousand years ago. The largest soda lake in Turkey in terms of area and the largest soda lake in the world, Lake Van was declared an archaeological site in 1990. Pearl mullet is the only fish species living in the lake, which has limited biodiversity due to its soda water. If you wish, you can swim here, try various water sports and try to catch pearl mullet.


Immerse yourself in the magic of the Vanadokya Fairy Chimneys

Although the first place that comes to mind when talking about fairy chimneys is the fairy chimneys in Nevşehir, it is not the only location in Turkey with a fairy chimney. Known as the Fairy Chimneys of the East, Vanadokya is waiting to be discovered by local and foreign tourists with its natural beauty. There are approximately 17 thousand fairy chimneys in the region, which has a magical atmosphere.


Witness the Beauty of Van Cats

Van Kedilerinin Güzelliğine Tanıklık Edin

Another reason why Van is known to the world as much as its historical and legendary lake monster is its cats, which have unique characteristics. This species, which has become a phenomenon with its silky feathers and different eye colors, is quite friendly. The Van Cats, which are under protection, cannot interbreed with other species because they are a special species. If you wish, you can visit the Van Cat House in Van and see how beautiful they are.


Stay in Van with Elite World Van Quality

Elite World Van

How about gifting yourself a Van ticket in autumn to experience Van's natural and historical beauties, unique flavors, and much more? If you want to have a comfortable and enjoyable hotel experience, you can choose Elite World Van. Elite World offers you a dream vacation with its central location and privileged world. You can contact Elite World Hotels & Resorts to spend the autumn in Van and have an unforgettable holiday.


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