Winter Tourism Guide of Van, the Pearl of the East, for Winter Vacation Enthusiasts

How about steering your route to one of Turkey's most beautiful cities during your winter holidays? You should visit Van, the pearl of the East, not only in spring and summer but also in winter. We are sure that the view turning into a winter fairy tale covered under the snow will fascinate you! One of the unique routes of winter tourism, the pearl of the East, Van, awaits its local and foreign visitors.


The New Route of Winter Holidays: Van

There are many reasons to add Van to your route during the winter holidays. Taking on a fairy-tale atmosphere during the long and snowy winter, Van fascinates those who see it with its unique landscapes. Here are the places in Van you must visit for winter holiday enthusiasts:


- Van Castle

Van Castle is a structure built with masonry stones by the Urartian Kingdom on the shore of Lake Van. It is estimated to have been built in the 9th century BC. Built on a steep cliff; the castle is only 5 kilometers from the center of Van.


- Akdamar Church

Akdamar Church is a church located on Aghtamar Island in Lake Van. It is known as the church where a part of the Holy Cross, which is estimated to have been brought to Van in the 7th century, is housed. The church, which is one of the most popular works of Armenian medieval architecture, has an important place in Armenian history.


-Şeytan Köprüsü(Devil’s Bridge)

Devil's Bridge is a bridge with a length of 15.5 meters and a width of 3 meters, built on the Bend-i Mahi Stream in Van. The building, which has an impressive appearance, was built in the 19th century. According to rumors, the bridge began to be known as the "Devil's Bridge" by the people of the region due to the death of a wedding procession falling from the bridge to the canyon.


-Hüsrev Pasha Mosque

According to the inscription above the entrance door, Hüsrev Pasha Mosque was built by Van Governor Köse Hüsrev Pasha in 1567. The mosque is counted among the works of Mimar Sinan. The square-planned mosque, covered with a dome, has an architecturally striking appearance.


-Lake Van

Lake Van, locally known as the Van Sea, is not only Turkey's largest lake but also the world's largest soda lake. The lake, which is assumed to have been formed as a result of the tectonic movements of Mount Nemrut, is one of the most worth-seeing areas of Van.


-Abali Ski Center

Located in the Gevaş district, Abali Ski Center is one of the most special places for winter sports enthusiasts. The ski resort, whose popularity is increasing day by day, makes Van one of the most beautiful locations for the winter route. With its slope, thickness of the snow, quality of the snow and track length, Abali Ski Center is a candidate to be one of the few ski resorts in the world. While skiing on the track starting from Mount Artos, the breathtaking view of the Van Sea will enchant you!


-House of Van Cats

House of Van Cats is a center established within the scope of Van Yüzüncü Yıl University, for the protection of cats unique to Van. Van cats are known for their silky white fur, fascinating-colored eyes, excellent hunting skills, and their love to play in the water. You should visit this interesting house on your trip to Van.

In addition, Hoşap Castle, Çavuştepe Castle, Urartian Castle, Seven Churches Monastery, Fairy Chimneys and Muradiye Waterfall are among the historical and natural beauties of Van.


Van Cuisine with its Cultural Diversity

Hosting many cultures together due to its location, Van is one of the special places that has managed to come to the fore with its rich cuisine. It is possible to find a flavor suitable for every palate in Van, the largest city in Eastern Anatolia.

Van breakfast, which comes to mind when Van is mentioned, also has a special place in Turkish cuisine. Herbed cheese, milk cream, Van honey, murtuğa, butter, lavash bread, and kavut are among the indispensable tastes of Van breakfast. In winter, you will not be able to get enough of having breakfast with the unique snow view!

Apart from the Van breakfast, there are many special tastes from meat dishes to pastries for other meals. When you visit Van, we recommend you to not return without tasting the local delicacies.


You Can Prefer Elite World Van for Accommodation

Van is a must-see place not only during spring and summer but also during winter. If you would like to give a new lease of life to your winter holidays and have a winter holiday that will enchant you with its nature, architecture and rich cuisine, you can steer your route to Van.

When you visit Van, you can choose Elite World Van for an accommodation experience where you can feel at home.


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