The Best Locations for Spring Wedding Photography in Nature

The wedding season starts for many couples on the days when the heralds of spring bloom and nature revive. However, finding a suitable natural setting for wedding photos can be quite challenging, especially in the hectic city life. Fortunately, Turkey's magnificent nature gleams around spring, just as in any season. If you are planning to take a romantic wedding photoshoot in nature, we have listed the most beautiful places for you. Here are locations intertwined with nature that will add romantic moments to your wedding photos in spring.


İstanbul, Emirgan Park

Emirgân Park, located in Emirgân is one of the most beautiful districts of Istanbul along with being one of the largest and most popular parks in the city. This park is famous for witnessing the beautiful view of the Bosphorus. Known for its world-famous Tulip Festival, Emirgan Park is decorated with many types of flowers in spring, creating a spectacular view. Therefore, it is a wonderful place for you to create beautiful memories in your wedding photos!


İstanbul, Şile Beaches

Şile is a summer resort about an hour away from Istanbul and is an ideal place for couples who want to capture moments full of romance with its spacious and long beaches. You can capture natural frames by the sea with the sunset view of Şile, give romantic poses accompanied by sands and rocks and trust the vision of your photographer to create various stories and original concepts in your wedding photos.


Bursa, Uludağ National Park

Uludağ National Park, located in Bursa's Uludağ district, is one of Turkey's most popular national parks. Uludağ National Park hosts many visitors with its magnificent natural beauty, rich biodiversity and breathtaking views. Since a large section of the park is covered with forests, you can inhale the fresh air while walking among the trees and then move on to the photo shoot. We are certain that the pictures you take of the greenery will look splendid!


Muğla, Saklıkent National Park

Saklıkent National Park, located in the Fethiye district of Muğla, is one of the famous places for the enchantment of the strong flow of water. The canyon, which was formed as a result of the icy water flowing through the high mountains eroding the rocks, offers magnificent views and natural beauty to the photographers. There are also swimming pools in the canyon. You can take wonderful wedding photos with the flowers and lush plants blooming around these pools.


Bolu, Gölcük Nature Park

Located in Bolu, Gölcük Nature Park is a wonderful destination for nature lovers. The park, where you can admire the peaceful sounds of nature, is in a partially forested area and there is a lake in the park where you can take beautiful pictures. If you enjoy the lake view united with lush trees, you can visit Gölcük Nature Park for your wedding photos.


İzmir, Çandarlı Beach

Çandarlı is a coastal town in the south of İzmir. The beach here is famous for its turquoise sea, clear water and natural beauty. Olive trees and lavender fields around the beach with fine sand are also fascinating elements for nature lovers. Çandarlı Beach creates a romantic atmosphere for wedding photos, especially in spring, when it is combined with colorful flowers and sea views.


Cappadocia, Fairy Chimneys

Cappadocia is a famous location for its fairy chimneys, which are formed because of the erosion of the rocks by the flood waters. Fairy Chimneys can be formed in different shapes, colors and textures. Some may be orange; some may be brown or white. But regardless of their color, they all look impressive! The enchanting appearance of fairy chimneys adds a mystical atmosphere to your wedding pictures and can create a romantic atmosphere. In addition, the fact that these natural structures have different colors and shapes makes your wedding pictures have the same theme but different.


Sakarya, Sapanca Lake

Sapanca Lake is one of the most famous natural beauties of our country. The lake view and the lush vegetation surrounding the lake can be a great background for your wedding pictures. The parks and beaches by the lake offer a suitable environment for photographing in a romantic atmosphere. Thanks to the unique natural beauties of Sapanca Lake, you can capture romantic frames. When you visit Sapanca for a photoshoot, you can stay at Elite World Grand Sapanca, take your photos and ease your mind and body by taking advantage of the hotel's facilities.


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