Grill Places Where You Can Have a Pleasant Dinner with Your Loved Ones

The flavor of the meat that is cooked on a slow heat is something else! You can have a pleasant time with your family and loved ones thanks to the places that successfully marinate and cook the meat that is obtained from animals fed with quality feed. You can choose the one that suits you the best among the restaurants operating in various parts of Turkey and enjoy scrumptious meat dishes by the fireside.


1. Feast of Flavor on the European Side: Bekar Sokak

You can find flavors from various regions of Turkey that have managed to spread to the world on the European side of Istanbul. Ocakbaşı restaurants, which offer kebab varieties such as ribs, beyti, Adana and Urfa to their customers, offer a feast of taste for meat enthusiasts.

Delicious tastes are waiting for you at Bekar Sokak, one of the favorite locations of the fireside! It is possible to find a rich variety “of appetizers at the Ocakbaşı places that you can visit with your colleagues, family, and close friends. You can have a pleasant dinner with a variety of appetizers such as eggplant salad, gavurdağı salad, black-eyed pea salad, purslane with strained yogurt and zucchini spread.


2. A Tradition That Spread Throughout Centuries: Samatya Square

Samatya, a district of Istanbul's Fatih district, is famous for its beautiful taverns and restaurants. You can visit this area, which is officially called Kocamustafapaşa and stop by different restaurants. You can enjoy a nice meal thanks to the kebabs that are prepared by the masters who migrated to Istanbul from cities such as Adana, Gaziantep and Şanlıurfa.

In Samatya, which is a modest and shabby district, it is possible to find both alcoholic and non-alcoholic fireside places. You can stop by the famous square where thousands of people pass every single day and sit in any of them according to your personal preference. You can get an idea about original recipes by tasting their quality and delicious kebabs.


3. For Those Who Are Looking for a Place on the Anatolian Side: Kadıköy Streets

There are many meat restaurants in Kadıköy, which is one of the favorite locations of Istanbul with its variety of venues. On the streets of Kadıköy, which is one of the frequent destinations of people who want to escape from the chaos of the European side, you can come across many different places and experience a different concept.

You can sit at small tables in places with a shabby and simple atmosphere and taste kebabs such as çöp şiş (grilled small pieces of meat on wooden skewers), Urfa and beyti.


4. Diversity in the Heart of the Republic: Çankaya District

You can often come across Ocakbaşı restaurants in Çankaya, one of the most crowded districts of Ankara, known as the city of bureaucrats and state officials. With this city being the capital, the region, which received intense immigration from various Anatolian provinces, started to draw attention to its meat restaurants over time.

In different parts of Çankaya, you can stop by the places that are run by people from various geographies of Anatolia and especially Adana. In Ankara, the heart of Turkey, it is possible to taste different types of kebabs in places with or without alcohol. You can also go beyond the ordinary and experience the places called the "new generation".


5. Homeland of Kebab: Seyhan District of Adana

A notable number of Ocakbaşı places are either in Adana or pride themselves on being from Adana. You can choose Seyhan to experience the dishes that are on the table of millions of people in many parts of Turkey with local ingredients and cooking techniques.

You can find quality kebabs in many places that you stop by, as the Ocakbaşı restaurants on almost every street are constantly in competition. You can choose the ones that are suitable for you among patlıcanlı (meat with eggplant), orman (lamb stew with mixed vegetables), beyti (wrapped meat with yogurt and sauce) and bohça kebabs and see the difference in the quality of meat.


6. Adımbaşı Cağ Kebab: Erzurum

Yakutiye, the most well-known district of Erzurum, which has a special place among the eastern provinces, hosts thousands of local and foreign tourists every year. One of Erzurum's most popular dishes, cağ kebab, which is among the stops of the Eastern Express, attracts the attention of tourists.

You may want to taste this kebab, which is obtained by cooking thin and long pieces of meat on skewers, in your hometown. This dish, which is different from other kebabs, is served on single skewers. The waiters immediately bring a new skewer and refresh your plate when they see that you have finished the meat in front of you.


7. A Scrumptious Experience with The Grill Ocakbaşı

You don't have to travel long distances to eat a good kebab! You can go to the nearest Elite World Hotels & Resorts branch to experience a scrumptious barbecue at The Grill Ocakbaşı, which is an Elite World brand. You can enjoy meat with your loved ones thanks to The Grill Ocakbaşı, which has a place in İstanbul, Van and Sakarya.

You can feel like you have visited Adana, Urfa, Gaziantep and Mardin thanks to the recipes for meat and chicken supplied by quality producers. The Grill Ocakbaşı, which has an extensive menu, serves meals such as soup, appetizers, kebabs, hamburgers, and pizzas to many people every single day.

The restaurants, which serve fish, pizza, hamburgers, and pasta, especially grilled delicacies, help you to have a pleasant time with your family or loved ones. You can choose what you want among the places where you can experience dishes from both Turkish and world cuisine, and you can taste dishes with extraordinary taste. For more information, you can contact The Grill Ocakbaşı.


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