Istanbul is the only city that connects the continents of Asia and Europe. This unique and magnificent city is very popular for its unique flavors. That is why Istanbul cuisine, which is blended with many cultures, has an important place among world cuisines. Istanbul's affluent food culture goes back to Ottoman cuisine. So much so that the cuisine of Istanbul hooks people who like to consume lamb, sheep, and beef dishes. In addition to meat dishes, affluent types of pastries, beans, vegetable dishes with olive oil, bulgur and rice are among the indispensables of this exclusive cuisine. We have compiled the famous dishes that must be tried in Istanbul for you. Or have you not tried out the dishes in Istanbul yet?


Unforgettable Flavors

When Istanbul is mentioned, the unique architectural structures and traditional flavors of the city come to mind. These traditional flavors are also very popular as they have different flavors from one another. For example, Ortaköy's kumpir (baked potato), Eminönü's grilled fish sandwich, Beyoğlu's steamed burger, Sarıyer's pastry, Vefa's boza, Eyüp's kebab and curd, Beykoz's Khash, Karaköy bakery's pastry, Üsküdar Şemsipaşa's pickles, Hacıbekir's candies and many other scrumptious flavors can be listed.  Don't forget to try these flavors in Istanbul!


Historical Sultanahmet Meatballs

It is highly unlikely to go all the way to Sultanahmet and come back without trying the legendary Sultanahmet meatballs. In addition, there is a fact that the meatballs prepared with this historical recipe, once tasted, it takes a place in the palates and hearts, and one almost yearns to eat it again. Sultanahmet meatballs are certainly worthy of trying it. If you’ve not before, you are certainly craving it now!


Famous Flavor: Grilled Fish Sandwich 

Next up is the scrumptious grilled fish sandwich that is famous for its flavor. The first thing that comes to mind when Eminönü is mentioned is of course the fish market. As soon as you visit Eminönü, the scent of fish coming to you from all around will whet your appetite. Do not forget to finish off shopping and visiting popular places with this scrumptious flavor. Bring your grilled fish sandwich that has been prepared with ingredients that are suitable for your palate and start eating across the Bosphorus view. Bon appetit!


Kanlıca Yogurt

Kanlıca yogurt, which is one of our traditional flavors, is known as a flavor that started to be produced in 1893 and passed on from generation to generation. It is quite famous in Istanbul as they have managed to preserve the same taste for centuries! When you add powdered sugar on top of it, it will become a completely different taste. Have you not tasted it yet?


Kumpir with Its Unforgettable Flavor

Very appetizing ingredients inside the huge baked potato with cheese and butter! It is a fascinating flavor with not only its appearance but also its taste and smell. Choose your favorite ingredients and start scooping to add to your baked potato against the heartwarming, blue sea view of Ortaköy. Bon appetit!


The Flavor You Can't-Miss: Kebab

If you are a meat lover and fireside delicacies are your lifestyle, then this is the flavor you are looking for! Kebab, which is one of the flavors of the fireside that makes you happy with its scent and appearance when it is served, is the favorite Turkish cuisine. If this favorite flavor is cooked on a fireside, it will fascinate you with its taste. Don't say we didn't warn you! Have you ever tried this traditional flavor that you can't get enough of at Elite World Grand İstanbul Basın Ekspres, Elite World Grand İstanbul Küçükyalı, Elite World İstanbul Florya at The Grill Ocakbaşı? If you haven't tried it, you're missing out. In the heart of the city, in a pleasant atmosphere, make your reservation without delaying it for a wonderful fireside experience that tops off with appetizers from experienced chefs!


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