İstanbul’un En Keyifli Seyir Tepeleri

It has many features that turn ancient Istanbul, which has opened its doors to various civilizations for centuries, into a center of attraction. This rooted city attracts people with its being the biggest witness of history, its identity as a world city, the fact that it connects both sides of the Bosphorus, its natural and historical beauties, hosting the cultural and artistic activities, and many more. Another aspect of Istanbul that captivates people in itself is its fascinating scenery. There are many observation hills where you can watch this city with all its nakedness and admire it once again. Here are the observation hills that will leave you alone with the impressive view of Istanbul…


Galata Tower

Galata Kulesi

Galata Tower is an extremely important location not only in terms of bearing traces of history but also in terms of having stunning scenery. Galata Tower, one of the symbols of Istanbul, offers the opportunity to watch the city 360 degrees. In Galata, which is also expressed as a kind of watchtower, you can be alone with the unique view of Istanbul and witness the beauty of the city with all its nakedness. Galata Tower, which is approximately 70 meters, is a place where you can enjoy the view of Istanbul by putting the whole city under your feet.


Büyük Çamlıca(Big Çamlıca) Hill

Büyük Çamlıca Tepesi

Büyük Çamlıca Hill with its nostalgic texture and the wonderful view that frames the important points of the city, especially the Bosphorus Bridge is one of the most important viewing points of Istanbul. On the hill, which is 268 meters above sea level, you can easily watch the cool waters of the Bosphorus; You can enjoy the view extending to landmarks such as Rumeli Fortress, Galata Tower, Kandilli, Sultanahmet, Topkapı Palace, and Islands.


Pierre Loti Hill

Pierre Loti Tepesi

Pierre Loti Hill, which you can encounter even in Evliya Çelebi's famous Seyahatname (Travel Book), takes its name from the famous French writer Pierre Loti. Pierre Loti Hill, which has a deep-rooted history, focuses on the panoramic view of the Haliç. On Pierre Loti Hill, which reveals the historical landscape, you can witness peace of mind thanks to the wonderful view of the Haliç.


Maiden's Tower

Kız Kulesi

Being one of the symbols of Istanbul, the Maiden's Tower has an extremely impressive beauty with its fairy-tale atmosphere and historical texture. In addition to these qualities, the Maiden's Tower also offers rare scenery. You can also watch this ancient city from the sea by taking advantage of the viewpoint of the Maiden's Tower. At the Maiden's Tower, which promises a large-scale Istanbul view, you can leave the moment you belong and travel to a fairy-tale land. You can combine your dinner with this unique view by evaluating the restaurant of the Maiden's Tower and make an unforgettable finale to your day.




Süleymaniye is famous for its view of the Historic Peninsula, which is insatiable to watch. Located in the heart of the city, Süleymaniye incorporates the cool waters of the Haliç and the view of the Historic Peninsula as wide as possible into its frame. You can watch the scenery peacefully while sitting against the magnificent view in Süleymaniye.


Aydos Hill

Located on the Anatolian side of Istanbul, Aydos Hill holds the title of being the highest viewing hill in the city with its height of 537 meters. Aydos Hill, which has a wide field of view, promises its visitors an atmosphere where they can get away from the chaos of the city with a wonderful view. In and around Aydos Hill, there are Aydos Forest, Aydos Recreation Area, Aydos Pond, and Aydos Castle, which bear the traces of the Roman and Byzantine periods. Aydos Hill also stands out as a location where you can spend a lot of time while witnessing the view of Istanbul from a wide perspective.




Located on the Anatolian Side, Otağtepe is built on a huge green area of 30 thousand square meters. Located just above the Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge, Otağtepe offers its visitors a wonderful Bosphorus view experience. The hill, named after Yıldırım Bayezid's setting up a tent in this region during the siege of Istanbul, allows you to encounter a fascinating view whether it is at night or during the day.


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