The Best Libraries in Istanbul That You Don't Want to Leave After Discovering!

Libraries are the common stop for students, researchers and those who want to explore the pages of books! The metropolitan city of Istanbul also hosts libraries that book lovers will appreciate. Some of these libraries stand out with their diversity in terms of resources and some with their architecture. In this article, we have included beautiful libraries that will amaze you. Here are the 5 magnificent libraries that are hosted in Istanbul!


The Largest Library in Istanbul: Rami Library

Rami Library was built as Rami Barracks for military use during the Ottoman period. In 2010, it was decided to turn it into a library. Rami Barracks, which has a very old history, began to serve as the Rami Library after its restoration. Known as the largest library in Istanbul, the library bears traces of the past.

Rami Library, which has a designated area for babies and children, also organizes events for families, children, and adults. The library, which has a large area, has a seating capacity of 4200 people, and contains more than 2 million books.

A large green area welcomes you at the library entrance, where landscaping works have been carried out. Inside, you encounter a place where greenery and history intertwine. If you would like to get some fresh air and feel nature, you can take a walk on the walking track of the library. You can visit this vibrant library, which continues to welcome its visitors each and every day of the week and at any time of the day and experience the ambiance flowing with culture from its shelves.


With Its Fascinating Interior Design: Salt Galata

Salt Galata, which attracts attention with its ambiance that has a scent of culture and art from the moment you enter, is actually an art center. The place was built in 1892 as the headquarters building of the Ottoman Bank. It is possible to see Ottoman architecture on the exterior of the building.

There are nearly 100 thousand books in Salt Galata. If you would like to spend a day in this culture and art center, which also serves visitors with its cafe and restaurant, you can meet all your needs without leaving this building.

One of the First Libraries of the Republican Era: Atatürk Library

Atatürk Library, located in Beyoğlu, one of the most populous districts of Istanbul, is known as one of the first libraries of the Republic period as it was founded in 1924. Atatürk Library, which hosts many collections today, continues to serve a wide audience, from researchers to students.

It is known that there are more than 500 thousand works in the library. These include manuscript books, rare works, and collections. Additionally, if you would like to do research in the library, you can use the review room. It wins the appreciation of visitors with its tranquil environment and fascinating interior architecture. If you would like to visit a library in Istanbul, Atatürk Library is one of the places that will amaze you!


With its Magnificent Architecture: Beyazıt State Library

Beyazıt State Library, which amazes you with its architectural details as soon as you step inside, is located in the Fatih district. Beyazıt State Library, known to be the first library established by the state, has been serving visitors since 1884.

One of the notable features of the library is the availability of audiobooks narrated by volunteers for visually disabled citizens. Beyazıt State Library continues to host many visually disabled citizens in the special areas that are allocated to them throughout the year.

There are nearly 900 thousand books in the library established during the reign of Abdulhamid II. If you would like to see the combination of historical places with modern design, you can visit the Beyazıt State Library, also known as the compilation library.

With Its Aesthetic Design: Vitali Hakko Creative Industries Library

Located in Beyoğlu, this library makes you feel the atmosphere of a library from the very first moment you enter and fuels the desire to read and research with its spacious atmosphere. The library was founded in 2011 by Cem Hakko in memory of Vitali Hakko. There are an average of 15 thousand books located here. Among the books, there are also special works that are signed in the name of Vitali Hakko. Therefore, it is also possible to get signed and special edition books while reviewing the books.

The library, which has many books that you can explore and many floors that you can wander around, continues to attract the appreciation of visitors. Designed in light brown tones, Vitali Hakko Creative Industries Library is located within the award-winning Vakko Nakkaştepe Fashion Center with its architecture. The library also makes transportation easy thanks to its central location. You can add the Vitali Hakko Creative Industries Library, where astonishing fashion comes together with art and creative disciplines, to your visit list.


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