The first thing that comes to mind when Istanbul is mentioned is its cultural background. It is possible to encounter this cultural accumulation not only at specific points but also all over the city. For example, on a street, by the sea, or in a museum… Especially museums are among those places that you must see with their diversity and experience. In this article, we have listed the museums located on the Anatolian side that can contribute to your cultural side. Here are the museums waiting to be visited on the Anatolian Side!


Gazhane Museum 

Hasanpaşa Gasworks, one of the most important venues in Istanbul, currently hosts its visitors as the Gazhane Museum. You will feel like you are on a nostalgic trip while touring Hasanpaşa Gasworks, which was established to meet the need for gas in the Ottoman Period. There are many opportunities to spend your time productively at Gazhane Museum, which is spread over a wide area. After finishing your tour, you can either sip your coffee or choose the one that suits you from a variety of activities and participate. We are suggesting you participate in the very entertaining workshops!

Address: Hasanpaşa, Kurbağalıdere Cd. No:125, 34722 Kadıköy / İstanbul


Hababam Sınıfı Museum

Adile Sultan Palace was used for the shooting of the Hababam Sınıfı, which is Yeşilçam's one of the most favorite productions. Well, have you ever visited the Hababam Sınıfı Museum located inside the palace? You will experience nostalgic moments in the museum where the generic scenes from the movie that are engraved in our memory are used in the decorations and the wax statues of the characters are included. Kemal Sunal as the İnek Şaban, Halil Akçatepe as the Güdük Necmi and Adile Naşit as Hafize Ana... After visiting the Hababam Sınıfı Museum, you will want to watch the movie all over again!

Address: Altunizade, Tophanelioğlu Cd. No:19, 34662 Üsküdar/İstanbul

Kite Museum

Kites started to be collected by Mehmet Nazi Aköz in 1986 and are exhibited in the Kite Museum. Colorful kites that take adults to their childhood and make children smile as soon as they see them! The museum, where more than 2,500 kites and kite materials are exhibited from 6 continents and 33 countries, is also the only kite museum in our country. In the Kite Museum, there is also the "The Kite School", where children can design according to their own tastes. If you would like to present an interesting activity to your children or teleport them back to those old days with kites, which were crucial for your childhood, you should certainly visit this museum!

Address: Aziz Mahmut Hüdayi Mahallesi, Uncular Caddesi, Bakıcı Sokak, No:12 Üsküdar / İstanbul


Sabri Artam Classic Car Museum

Located in Çengelköy, the Sabri Artam Classic Car Museum was opened in 1998. The museum is a great alternative for those who wants to have some knowledge about the classic car culture. There are hundreds of colorful, antique cars in the museum, which consists of five floors. If you don’t want to forget the cars you have witnessed by drinking a cup of coffee on the side after this lovely classic car history journey, there is also a cafeteria section in the museum. Wishing you have a good tour!

Address: Sabri Artam Vakfı Otomobil Müzesi


Barış Manço House Museum

Barış Manço House Museum is in Moda and is one of the distinguished districts of the Anatolian Side. This museum is also the house where the artist lived with his family, produced his works, and passed away. If you are curious about the artist's life and works, you should certainly visit this museum, you will find much more than what you know about Barış Manço. Before touring the museum, do not forget to prepare a playlist of your favorite songs from the artist, we are sure that it will make your trip more pleasant!

Address: Caferağa Mahallesi, Yusuf Kâmil Paşa Sokak, No:5, 34710, Kadıköy/İstanbul

Beykoz Glass and Crystal Museum

Located in a wide grove, the museum has a beauty that will attract attention with its garden as well as the works inside. Be prepared to encounter many exotic plants as you tour this garden surrounded by lush trees. By visiting Beykoz Glass and Crystal Museum, you can witness the entire development history of Turkish glass art and examine its extensive glass collection. After this trip, you will start to have a special interest in the history of glass!

Address: Merkez, Mehmet Yavuz Cd. No:115, 34820 Beykoz/İstanbul


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