Details to Make Summer Weddings Unforgettable

Saying "Yes" to a new life under a deep blue sky, during sunny weather where the scent of flowers is spreading, can be an unforgettable memory for couples who feel happiness and joy. You can experience a day like a fairytale by feeling the enthusiasm of the summer season in every inch of the wedding. We have brought together the details that will accompany you as you take the first step into your new life with colorful dresses, beautiful summer weather and chirping birds to make your summer weddings unforgettable.


1. Cocktail

One of the details that will make outdoor summer weddings pleasant is undoubtedly the colorful cocktails. You can help your guests to cool down with fruity and refreshing cocktails that are distributed on trays. While preparing cocktails that add joy to conversations with their scrumptious tastes, you can include both alcoholic and non-alcoholic options. By doing so, you will be offering delicious beverages to each of your guests. You can make cocktails look more pleasant by adding ornaments such as umbrellas.


2. Flower Crowns

Wouldn't you like to present a flower crown to your friends, the children and most importantly, yourself wearing a wedding dress? Crowns decorated with wildflowers and roses in different colors increase the elegance of your wedding dress, while the crowns you can present to your guests will make them feel very special. You can have the crowns that will add romantic breezes to your wedding prepared and place them at your wedding entrance and you can make a sweet welcome to your guests.


3. Wedding Decorations

It would not be wrong to say that the most special details of outdoor weddings are decorations. If you are organizing a wedding in the style of a country wedding, you can make great decorations by using the open spaces for good. In an area of the garden, you can prepare a corner with written or visual details where your guests can take photos.

You can refresh the atmosphere by placing colorful flowers and small candles on high tables that resemble bar tables where your guests can taste treats. You can place the flowers in a jug or jar to have a more natural look.


4. Lighting

One of the essential details that change the aura of outdoor weddings is lighting. You can create a lovely image by adding decorative lighting to the sides of the road you will walk with your future spouse, on the tables and in the areas, you decorate for the photo shoot. If there are trees in your wedding venue, you can take advantage of these trees and catch a vintage atmosphere by shooting colorful LED lights between the trees. And if you want to, you can make the atmosphere more romantic by adding candles.


5. Live Orchestra

The music that sets the rhythm of the wedding becomes another beautiful thing when it is performed outdoors. Accompanied by acoustic guitar, violin, cello, harp, and similar instruments, you can greet your guests and hear the gentle tones of the orchestra at any moment of your wedding. Soft tunes that offer your guests the feeling of being in a fairy tale, also change the mood of your wedding.

If you are dreaming of a more vivacious wedding rather than acoustic tones, you can take advantage of the DJ option. You can say goodbye to the orchestra later in the night and go on a vivacious journey with the DJ and share the energy of the lovely summer evening with your loved ones.


6. Pool Decorations

Among the summer weddings that are held outdoors, poolside weddings are often preferred. The clarity of the water and the lights reflecting off the water adds romantic breezes to the environment and make the environment much more colorful. You can use flowers, balloons, written figures, small inflatable animals, and similar decorations in the pool. Choosing pool decorations adds a completely different atmosphere to your wedding decoration.


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