The Most Romantic First Dance Songs for Your Wedding Day

After the wedding venue, concept, guest list, menu, wedding dress and groom's suit, it's time to prepare a wonderful playlist for your wedding. You can decorate the wonderful organization that you will be together with your loved ones with songs that will make it much more fun and meaningful.

Undoubtedly the most important piece for your wedding day is your first dance song. A unique song that will top off the day will turn a new page in your story and can offer you a magical moment that you will never forget for the rest of your life. So, what are the most romantic first dance songs for your wedding day? What should you consider when choosing dance songs?


What Should You Consider When Choosing Your First Dance Songs?

You can take advantage of your memories when choosing your first dance song. You can choose a song that you came across on the day you met, a song played during the marriage proposal, or a song that reminds you of your memories.

The main task of the first dance song is to create a magical atmosphere. You can choose a moving or romantic piece according to your wedding concept. You can make your first dance fun by choosing a moving piece, or you can give your guests emotional moments with a romantic choice.

Once you have determined your first dance song, you can get ready for your dance. You can create an unforgettable moment for your guests and yourself by preparing a special dance for your song.


Native First Dance Music

There are many native first dance songs to accompany your most special moments with their emotionally charged lyrics.

1. For those who imagine themselves in a love story: Eylem Aktaş - Ellerimden Tut

2. A nostalgic piece for those who want to travel to the 90s: Özdemir Erdoğan - Bana Ellerini Ver

3. A great choice for those who want to look into each other's eyes with good wishes: İrem Derici - Kalbimin Tek Sahibi

4. Takes you back to the times you’ve met by saying "If I hadn't looked at you and you hadn't laughed at me like that.": Gökhan Türkmen - Aşk.

5. With the voice of Minik Serçe: Seyirlik Değil Ömürlük Olsun

6. A great choice for those who like nostalgia: Erkin Koray - Seni Her Gördüğümde

7. If you want to go back in time and top off your dance with our 1975 Eurovision song: Semiha Yankı - Seninle Bir Dakika

8. If you dream of a romantic dance: Yaşar - Gel Benimle

9. To top off your promise to each other: Mustafa Ceceli – Hastalıkta Sağlıkta

10. Walking to the stars together: Kayahan – Seninle Her şeye Varım


Foreign First Dance Songs

If you like foreign songs as a couple, you can choose your first dance songs among these foreign songs. Here are the best first dance songs that will tell your love story:

1. If you are looking for a romantic song that will make you feel deeply in love: Thinking Out Loud or Photograph songs by Ed Sheeran

3. If you're dreaming of a slightly upbeat but romantic dance song: "Hymn for the Weekend" by Coldplay

4. To feel your love deeply while starting a new story: Elvis Presley - Can't Help Falling in Love

5. For those who like foreign classics: Whitney Houston – I Will Always Love You

6. A great choice for those who want a little pop and a slow piece: The Weeknd – Call Out My Name

7. The song that warms the heart of every listener: Sting – Shape of My Heart

8. For those who dream of a fun first dance with choreography: Jason Mraz - I'm Yours

9. If you want to tell your story with a romantic love song: Taylor Swift – Love Story

10. If you found love in each other's hearts: Bryan Adams – Everything I Do


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