9 Different Traditional and Modern Dance Types You Can Do With Your Spouse At Your Wedding

Undoubtedly, the wedding day is very special and exciting for each person. For this reason, bride and groom candidates carefully consider all the details and start the research process with sweet excitement in order to make this night perfect and unforgettable. One of the details that will make your wedding night unforgettable and special is the wedding dance. You can give your guests and yourself a pleasant time with a magnificent dance that you will do with your partner. We have collected 9 different traditional and modern dance styles in this article for you for your wedding, let's get started!


1. Waltz

Waltz is one of the first choices that comes to mind when it comes to wedding dance, and it is a very romantic type of dance. This type of dance is performed with a 3/4 rhythm, unlike other ballroom dances. During the waltz, couples dance by clasping and swirling in each other's circles. If you are dreaming of a romantic and elegant wedding dance and you like elegant figures, you can easily choose this type of dance for your wedding. We are sure that you will make your wedding unforgettable with this dance!


2. Tango

Tango is one of the dances that you can do with your spouse on your most special night, which is your wedding night. Tango is a lively dance style that mostly includes foot movements. By choosing a wedding dress model according to the movements of this dance, you can both perform the movements comfortably and have a good time. You can also choose this modern and classic wedding dance to show your love for each other to your guests and you can spice up the wedding videos that you will watch with a smile on your face for many years.


3. Salsa

If you are one of those who say, "I want to perform a fun and energetic dance on my wedding night!" well then get ready because salsa is just the right fit for you! This lively dance type is among the easiest wedding dances and can be easily performed with the help of an instructor. In addition to performing enjoyable moments to your guests, you can have them accompany you at the end of the choreography. Motivate yourself by imagining those fun moments and start taking salsa lessons before it's too late!


4. Bachata

One of the most preferred wedding dances by romantic couples is the bachata. This type of dance, which has agility and passion, is especially loved, and preferred by bride candidates. This dance, which will reflect your love and the energy inside you, will also add fun to your learning of the movements. We are sure that you will have this much fun with your guests as well!


5. Rumba

If you would like to do your first dance with a fun type of dance like salsa, you can add rumba to your options. This dance has extremely impressive figures with its slow rhythm and noble poses. Along with all this, rumba will invite your guests to dance with its easy-to-learn and romantic nature and will provide a fun entrance to the stage!


6. Zeybek

We wanted to include a traditional dance type in our list of wedding dance suggestions. Zeybek is a traditional as well as a noble and elegant dance style, which is especially preferred by groom candidates and performed fondly. Originally from the Aegean region, this dance will allow you and your partner to have unforgettable moments on this special day and enchant your guests!


7. Sirtaki

Sirtaki, which belongs to Greek culture, is among the dance types you can choose as a wedding dance. This dance, which is extremely fun and easy to learn with its Halay look-alike figures, might be the right dance for you if you are looking for a different wedding dance. If your wedding day is almost here and you have less time to learn the dance, you can easily grasp the energetic and fun figures to perform the sirtaki dance in the best way!


8. Swing

Swing, one of the most lively and entertaining dances in the world, is also among the dance types you can choose. When you decide to perform this type of dance, you can design a choreography with your spouse and friends and perform it, adding joy and fun to your wedding. If you are a nostalgia-loving couple, a jazz music lover and want to share your happiness with everyone, you can start the preparations for this dance, which is quite easy to learn.


9. Cha Cha Cha

Cha Cha Cha, which is an extremely enjoyable and lively Latin American dance, is frequently preferred because of its simple structure and is a very fast-learned dance. If you would like to make a fun entrance to your wedding unlike classical romantic songs, you can prefer this dance with no doubt.


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