The grill, which has become an indispensable passion for those who love to eat meat, occupies an important place in the food and beverage culture of our country. Grilled varieties, which are usually prepared without using any oil other than the meat's own fat during cooking, are consumed all over the world with their unique taste. Grilling almost all types of meat, from veal to fish, allows you to come across a wide range of grilled varieties. If you wish, let's take a look at the delicious grill varieties that you should definitely try out of this richness.


Beef Tenderloin

Dana Bonfile

Beef tenderloin, which comes across with different examples of world cuisine, is made with sirloin steak. For this reason, it is also called fillet in France, the United Kingdom, and South Africa. In addition to its unique taste, it is also referred to as the "king of meats" because of its high nutritional value. Beef tenderloin, which is one of the indispensable options of steak in the world and grill culture in our country, is cooked in different ways. The most popular and most delicious beef tenderloin, which can accompany juicy dishes and be cooked in the pan or in the oven, is the grilled version. We can say that a boneless grilled beef tenderloin, separated from fat and nerves, is the passion of red meat lovers.


T-Bone Steak


T-Bone, which is obtained by cutting the short fillet in the T-shaped bone of the veal, is another delicious grill type. T-Bone Steak, which takes its name from the T-shaped bone from which it is supplied, is among the foods consumed with pleasure by those who are fond of beef tenderloin and red meat. T-Bone Steak, which is usually marinated before cooking, is generally consumed by cooking on a low-medium scale. The reason for this is that the loin part inside becomes harder and loses its characteristic as it cooks. For this reason, it can overshadow your dream of consuming soft meat, as it becomes harder when cooked a lot.



Grilled Veal Chops

Dana pirzola

Veal chop, which is one of the softest meat types, is obtained from the back of the veal. Veal chop, blended with natural oil and cooked easily with its soft structure, disperses in the mouth. With its unique taste, it easily finds a place among the favorites of those who love to eat meat. Apart from the grill, it can be easily cooked in the pan and in the oven, but the grill is often preferred. However, although the veal cutlet is a fatty type of meat in nature, it must be cleared of the nerves on the meat and marinated before cooking.


Eggplant Kebab

Patlıcan kebabı

Eggplant kebab, a flavor unique to Turkish cuisine, is famous for its grilled form, although it is often cooked in the oven. In the preparation of eggplant kebab, finely chopped beef or lamb meat is generally preferred. This type of grill, which is made by passing on a kebab skewer, is called eggplant kebab because it accompanies eggplant. Kebab, which is usually served with lavash, can be prepared by marinating in different ways. In the type of eggplant kebab made in the oven, it should be noted that meatballs can be preferred instead of finely chopped meat.


The Mixed Grill

Karışşık ızgara

The mixed grill can literally be called a feast of taste. Although the content of this feast of taste may vary depending on the establishment you have chosen, it mainly consists of Adana kebab, lamb chops, chicken skewers, meatballs, cutlets, and lamb skewers. With the richness of the mixed grill it offers, it also succeeds in establishing a throne in the hearts of those who love to consume meat.


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