Mezes have an important place among the delicious recipes of Turkish cuisine. Appetizers are consumed as a starter or aperitif besides main meals; It cheers the palate with their flavor. Our tables range from olive oil dishes to yogurt dishes, from frying to garnishing, from cold to hot; It is enriched with its appetizer varieties. So, what are the indispensable appetizers of Turkish cuisine? Here are the practical and delicious recipes that reflect the appetizer culture of Turkish cuisine...


1. Haydari



● 1 slice of feta cheese

● 5 tablespoons of strained yogurt

● 2 cloves of garlic

● 4 tablespoons of olive oil

● 4-5 sprigs of dill

● 1 teaspoon of mint

● 1/2 teaspoon of salt

● 1/3 tea glass of finely ground walnut kernel



● Take the olive oil in a pan and heat it.

● Saute the walnut kernels with olive oil and set them aside.

● Combine the mashed garlic, crushed feta cheese, and finely chopped dill in a mixing bowl.

● Add all the remaining ingredients to this mixture.

● Mix them all well.

● You can serve your haydari cold.


2. Babagannush



● 3 large eggplants

● 4 green peppers

● 3 red peppers

● 2 cloves of garlic

● 4 tablespoons of olive oil

● 1 teaspoon of pomegranate syrup

● 1 teaspoon of salt



● Roast the eggplant, tomatoes, and peppers.

● Put the roasted vegetables on a plate and leave to cool by stretching the plate.

● Peel the skins of the cooled vegetables.

● Mash the eggplants and cut other vegetables into cubes of the desired size.

● Mix garlic, olive oil, pomegranate syrup, and salt in a bowl.

● Add the mixture to the roasted vegetables.

● Mix all the ingredients thoroughly and make them ready for presentation.

● According to your preference, you can serve it by chopping parsley on top of it.


3. Spicy Paste with Pomegranate Sour

Nar Ekşili Acılı Ezme


● 2 onions

● 3-4 tomatoes

● Half a bunch of parsley

● 2 tablespoons of pomegranate syrup

● Juice of half a lemon

● 3 tablespoons of olive oil

● 1 pinch of cumin

● 1 teaspoon of sumac

● Red chili flakes

● Salt



● Peel the tomatoes and onions and cut them into thin and trim pieces.

● Finely chop the parsley as well.

● Combine all ingredients in a bowl.

● Crush and mix the combined materials with a fork.

● You can serve your pomegranate sour, spicy paste salad.


4. Shakshuka



● 2 eggplants

● 3 tomatoes

● 1 zucchini

● 2 green peppers

● 3 cloves of garlic

● 3 potatoes

● 4 tablespoons of olive oil

● 1 teaspoon of salt

● 1 pinch of sugar



● Chop the eggplants you peeled variegated into cubes and soak them in saltwater.

● Cut the potatoes into cubes and put them in water.

● Chop the zucchini and peppers as well.

● Take the oil in a pan. After browning, fry the zucchini and peppers.

● Next, fry the potatoes and aubergines in turn.

● To prepare the sauce, put olive oil in a separate pan.

● First, add the garlic, fry it, and then add the grated tomatoes.

● Add the spices to this mixture. After boiling for a while, turn off the heat.

● Gather the fried vegetables and pour the sauce you made over them.

● You can serve the şakşuka on the plate by putting yogurt on it.


5. Hummus



● 2 cups of boiled chickpeas

● 1/2 tea glass of olive oil

● 2 cloves of garlic

● 2 tablespoons of tahini

● juice of 1/2 lemon

● 1 teaspoon of cumin

● 1/2 tea glass of water

● Salt


For the above:

● 2 tablespoons of olive oil

● A few slices of bacon

● 1 teaspoon ground pepper

● Parsley

● chili pepper



● Put the boiled chickpeas, tahini, lemon juice, olive oil, water, cumin, garlic, and salt in a large bowl.

● Pulse these ingredients with the help of a blender until they become smooth.

● Take the mixture on the serving plate you prepared and spread it.

● Take your olive oil in a pan and leave it to heat.

● Slice your bacon while your olive oil is frying.

● When your oil is hot, put the pastrami in it and fry it.

● Add the ground pepper to the oil, mix, and remove from the heat.

● Pour the prepared pastrami sauce over the hummus.

● According to your taste, garnish the hummus with finely chopped parsley and chili peppers.

● You can serve the hummus you decorated.



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