Istanbul is not just a city with its historical sites and cultural and artistic activities. This ancient city does not fail to offer great wealth in almost every field. But, of course, culinary cultures also get their share of this richness. Restaurants serving within the borders of Istanbul bring various flavors to this city. In this way, the flavors of the countries that left their mark on the world cuisine meet their enthusiasts in Istanbul and, at the same time, prove that Istanbul is an international city. How about exploring the cuisines of different countries before moving on to the restaurants in Istanbul where you can try delicacies from the world cuisine?


Mexican Cuisine

Meksika Mutfağı

Mexican cuisine is famous for its spices and especially spicy dishes. Among the characteristic features of Mexican cuisine is that it carries traces of many cultures apart from its sauce and plenty of bitterness. It is similar to Spanish, French, Arabian, and Caribbean cuisines. However, corn, beans, cocoa, vanilla, chili, tomatoes, and various fruits are indispensable elements of Mexican cuisine. As in the rest of the world, there are many lovers of Mexican cuisine in Istanbul. For this reason, there are many restaurants in Istanbul that make room for Mexican cuisine on their menus.


French Cuisine

Fransız Mutfağı

In French cuisine, the food should appeal to the stomach with its taste and to the eyes with its appearance. For this reason, food in French cuisine is considered a kind of work of art. Although there are regional differences in French cuisine, wine, cheese, and butter have an essential place. Contrary to Mexican cuisine, spices are not used much in dishes. Instead, delicious sauces, especially béchamel sauce, are preferred. In addition to these, fish and shellfish, ham and mushrooms also have a great place in the kitchen.


Italian cuisine

İtalyan Mutfağı

One of the countries that left their mark on world cuisine is Italy. When it comes to Italian cuisine, the first thing that comes to mind is pizza, pasta, cheese, and wine. Although Italian cuisine is similar to French cuisine in some respects, the country's food culture is not limited to these. Potatoes, corn, rice, olive oil, olives, garlic, peppers, and tomatoes are among the most consumed foods in Italy. In addition to these foods, sauces also have an important place. One of them is pesto sauce. Therefore, Italian cuisine offers a great richness to its enthusiasts.


Mediterranean cuisine

Akdeniz Mutfağı

As the name suggests, Mediterranean cuisine is fed by the unique tastes and food culture of the countries in the Mediterranean region. These include Turkish, Greek, Spanish, Maghreb, and Levant cuisine. Of course, the main element of Mediterranean cuisine is considered olive oil. In Mediterranean cuisine, seafood is preferred rather than red meat. In addition to seafood, vegetables, cereals, legumes, olives, and cheese varieties, yogurt and spices are indispensable for Mediterranean cuisine.


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The grill ocakbaşı

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