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Our friends, who form the basis of our spiritual health, are an important requirement for us. Although we find our friends mostly from school when we are young, we usually make them in the work environment later in life. We can become friends with our colleagues after a while, and this will affect our business life in a positive way. In addition to our problems in business life, our friends with whom we share our private lives from time to time become almost like our family. Moreover, we spend most of the day at work, meaning with our colleagues.

Our colleagues, whom we sometimes see more than our family, make the institution we work for more than just a place where we get paid. Research conducted with thousands of participants in different parts of the world is an indication that business friendships affect success.


Colleague Friendship Is One of the Most Important Factors Affecting Employee Engagement

According to a study by, the most important factor affecting employee engagement is friendships at work. While 70% of the employees surveyed say that the fun at work depends on their colleagues, only 55% of the employees see making money as the most important factor. This situation also varies depending on the gender. While 46% of male employees prefer high-paying jobs regardless of their colleagues, this rate drops to 26% for females.


The Majority of Close Friendships Are Formed at Work

A study conducted in Detroit, the United States of America, with approximately 1000 participants, reveals that 26% of close friendships are formed at work. Friendships that start with a natural process in the workplace turn into close friendships over time. The friendships that continue in the workplace enable us to cling to our work tightly and to set off towards the workplace as if we were going to a place where we could spend time with our friends.


Biggest Motivation at Work: Colleagues

How coworkers affect work motivation is also being investigated in Turkey. Studies show that 86% of people with high workplace commitment develop positive relationships with their colleagues and have positive interactions. The research, which reveals that 76% of people who establish a positive commitment to their workplace have at least one friend with whom they get along very well at work, reveals that the positive atmosphere in business life stems from the positive interaction of people.


Collaboration Between Colleagues Affects Productivity

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In the research, the majority of the participants state that they are more productive and happy when they work with their close friends. Our attitude towards our work is not only affected by the duties given to us or the salary we receive. The interests, attitudes, and behaviors of people with whom we share the same environment and task also greatly affect our commitment to the workplace. Sometimes, even if we love our job dearly, the reason for leaving the institution we work for might be the problems we experience with our colleagues. Honest communication with our colleagues helps us to be more connected to our workplace and to go to work more motivated every morning.


Good Colleagues Increase the Job Satisfaction

Studies have shown that colleagues play a role in increasing job satisfaction. The increase in job satisfaction helps to reduce the stress in business life and therefore helps us to feel more comfortable. The moderate environment developed with colleagues not only contributes to increased job satisfaction but also minimizes uncontrollable stress factors.

As a result, workplace friendships need to be developed in order for a more productive and peaceful environment to exist in the workplace. While it is obvious that we will leave a job that we are not satisfied with after a while, we can increase our commitment to the workplace by developing productive and positive relationships in the business environment. By seizing the opportunity to make friends in the working environment and by making use of these opportunities, we can increase our job satisfaction.


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