Who does not want to be energetic or punctual in his busy business life? However, sometimes even a short and simple task that you need to do can be enormous in your eyes. Moreover, sometimes you may find yourself in a chaotic environment or mood. In such cases, you may remember the importance of being organized. Here are some suggestions to help you manage your time and energy in your working life…


Make a To-Do List

Yapılacaklar Listesi Hazırlayın

In order to use your time efficiently, you can start the day by preparing a to-do list. So you can effectively manage your limited working hours. Choosing which tasks to prioritize becomes easy when you have a list. Estimate the time you will spend on each item on your list and write it down next to it. You can also add bonus missions to the list if you have extra time left. Even if your predictions are not consistent, you may find that they become a reality over time.

Moreover, marking the items you have completed can increase your motivation. You can set reminders and alarms with them. It doesn't matter when your project is due, appointments, or a small coffee break. In order not to forget or miss, you can set the alarm on your phone and add a reminder to your smart device.


Organize Your Desk and Room

Get rid of redundancies by designing your work environment orderly and straightforwardly. Throw away anything that distracts you and is unnecessary. Only the materials you need should be at hand. You can put a small plant on your desk to increase your positive energy. You can also choose to have a larger office plant in your room if you wish. Plants not only clean the air but also make you happy. Of course, the location of your desk is also significant. If possible, working in a sunny or well-lit area with plenty of oxygen and sunlight will help you be more energetic.



Gerçekten Dinlenin

Work time is work; break time is break... Give the right to rest. When you take a break, try to relax by putting aside what you do, what you will do, your stress. Ways to relieve fatigue can be different for everyone. Light breathing exercises, listening to music, a hot drink, a comfy chair, maybe even a short nap... Discover the action that will truly relax you. After sufficient rest, you may find it much more efficient and energetic.


Create a Sports and Exercise Routine

We cannot finish counting the benefits of regular exercise. Discovering your favorite sport and incorporating exercise into your daily routine has many effects, from boosting energy to reducing stress. Think how good it feels to take a little walk in beautiful weather. Do not overlook the contribution of these positive feelings to your business life. You can find a sports center incredibly close to your workplace or home. So you can save time. In addition, by meditating, you can be more fit and flourish in stress management.



Start by taking a few deep breaths. Then, draw your road map by focusing your mental intensity on the work you will do. Setting your priorities saves time. Do not allow anything else to interfere or distract you while working. You can relax and increase your concentration by listening to instrumental music if you wish. If you have trouble focusing, learning and practicing some techniques can be beneficial. In this way, you can focus on yourself and support your emotional intelligence development. Then you can continue the process that starts with managing yourself by managing your business and others.


Don't Neglect Socializing

Sosyalleşmeyi İhmal Etmeyin

Meeting your co-workers and having friendly conversations during breaks can relieve work stress. A sincere smile and wishing you a good day are among the most straightforward socialization steps. If you work as a team, getting to know each other can also increase your work harmony. Socializing also prevents an unsafe and unhealthy competitive environment in the workplace. In a positive environment, your productivity and creativity tend to grow.


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