Exciting Sports You Can Do With Your Friends in Winter

Although sports are beautiful in all seasons, they can become more exciting in a white and fairy-tale atmosphere in winter. Winter sports, which have become more and more popular in recent years, have alternatives that can appeal to every sports fan. If you want to turn to sports that you can do with your friends among these alternatives, you have come to the right address.



Skiing is one of the first options that come to mind for almost everyone when it comes to winter sports. This sport, which has many subspecies, is also an important part of the winter holiday. Your excitement level starts to increase when you let yourself go down the hill while sliding on a white track. Likewise, the adrenaline you feel in your body while slaloming and jumping off the ramps. You can also try skiing, which is gaining popularity throughout our country. If you wish, you can double this pleasure by competing with your friends.


Snow Rafting

Snow rafting is another winter sport where you can feel the excitement and fun to the fullest. You can do this sport as a group, which is especially preferred by rafting lovers with the arrival of the winter months. A specially produced inflatable boat is used for snow rafting, which is a version of the rafting we know on snow. These boats are for four or eight people. With your team, you are trying to speed up your inflatable boat in snow rafting, just like in rafting. In these exciting and fun-filled moments, you do not encounter waves, but artificial bumps and pits.



Snowboarding is one of the extreme winter sports. Therefore, you can find the excitement you are looking for in winter sports while snowboarding. For a snowboard that resembles a ski, we can say that it is the cooler version of skiing. This sport, which is performed using a special board, is performed with a special gliding technique. Snowboard is divided into different styles within itself. These styles also guide the board you will use to perform the sport. Snowboarding, which can be done both individually and in groups, is a winter sport that is as exciting to watch as it is to do.



Curling is a winter sport played as a team, where fun and excitement are multiplied. Curling, which is quite common in America, is succeeding in reaching more and more sports fans in Turkey. Curling, which is played on an ice track, uses a circular stone made of granite and a special brush-like stick as sports equipment. The main purpose of this sport, which has a complex structure, is to stop the granite stone inside the target consisting of intertwined rings. Strategic moves come to the fore in the game that requires high attention. Curling is also known as "chess on ice" in this respect.


Ice Climbing

Ice Climbing

Ice climbing appeals to those who want more than excitement. This sport, which is usually interested in those who want a high dose of adrenaline, is the ice version of classic mountain climbing. Those who want to do ice climbing head to different areas from frozen waterfalls to glaciers. It goes without saying how dangerous and difficult this sport is. If you want to do ice climbing to embark on an exciting adventure with your friends, you should be very careful.



Snowkiting, or kite skiing, with its Turkish name, takes the help of a kind of kite to glide over the ice or snow. Snowkiting, which is a fun and adrenaline-filled sport, requires to taking the lessons first and then having enough training. Otherwise, you may be harmed by this sport, which can be as dangerous as it is fun. When you feel ready, you can have so much fun with your friends.


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