Considering the weddings that have been postponed due to the effect of the pandemic, it seems that we will attend more organizations this summer than ever before. If you are one of the couples planning to have a wedding this summer, this article is of interest to you. Wedding is a process that needs to proceed with care and planning; in this process, it is necessary to do a lot of research and follow new trends. On this particular day that you will never forget for the rest of your life, you should do perfect planning for everything from cake designs to wedding decorations, from bridal and grooming models to organization details. Weddings will come to the fore this year, where couples will generally make more informed choices, focus on the guest experience, and create personalized details. Here are suggestions for 2022 trends for couples who will have a summer wedding...


Live Flowers Never Go Out of Fashion

Regardless of the concept, we will frequently see live flower arrangements at all weddings this summer. Vivid flowers used along with the long tables or placed on the tables with hangers are also among this year's trends. All tables, enlivened by flowers, will turn into a feast. In addition to this, there will be jewelry knitted from live flowers behind the neon writings in the stands prepared for photo shoots, which have become fashionable in recent years. So you, too, can reflect the warm and relaxing summer atmosphere at your wedding with colorful and fragrant flowers.


This Summer Weddings Are More Colorful Than Ever

Although some are still in favor of white weddings, the trend in 2022 is more for chirpy colors! We're not talking about the colors used to add vitality next to white in wedding organizations; we're talking about a riot of colors! We will frequently see warm and energetic colors from tablecloths to handkerchiefs, from the flowers chosen for the arrangement to the backgrounds used in the wedding. The designers describe it as "the outward manifestation of the joy we all feel when we begin to see the light at the end of the pandemic tunnel."


Invitations Also Take Their Share From Digital Transformation

Electronic invitations, which made a rapid entry into the sector due to the rescheduling and postponement of weddings during the pandemic, seem to continue to rise rapidly this summer. Those cardboard-enveloped invitations that we are used to seeing are gradually being replaced by electronic invitations that receive moderate comments regarding a sustainable environmental understanding. You can also use your preference for electronic invitations by following the new trend. In addition, another popular detail is "save-the-date" clips. These short videos that you will shoot before the wedding are a modern and stylish way of announcing your wedding date to your guests in advance.


This Period Makes Couples Freer

In recent years, couples no longer want weddings held within specific frameworks with a traditional obligation. Instead, a more liberal approach to the wedding is being determined. Therefore, there may be some differences in the details we are used to at weddings. That's why it's good to use your imagination to the fullest when determining your wedding concept! Fewer but more entertaining teams will replace crowded lists. Thus, the couples' personalized welcome notes and thoughtful gifts will also come to the fore.


Couples Will Write Their Tale

Popular culture inspires wedding trends as well as everything else. Bridgerton, one of Netflix's most successful productions of recent times, is no exception! Romantic dresses, grand dance floors, and flower-adorned decorations, which young girls appreciate, are no longer just at Bridgerton balls; they will feel themselves at weddings. A luxurious and glamorous space is all you need for a Bridgerton-themed wedding ceremony, and it's up to you to personalize the room with every other little detail.


Indispensable for the Summer Period: Poolside Wedding Concept

An elegant poolside venue where you can implement the wedding concept of your dreams is the right choice for summer weddings. Moreover, there are very modern and stylish methods to make the pool a part of the decoration to create a romantic and elegant ambiance. For example, in addition to the lighting, you can use floating flower arrangements prepared in colors suitable for the concept you choose and candles that will increase the romanticism of the environment.


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