Social media platforms continue to be indispensable in our lives. These platforms have become a tool that makes it easier to follow the plan and have fun for many of us. However, the increasing screen time is affecting especially young minds negatively. In the face of this situation, which is proven by research on social media applications, the response from the authorities of the brands was not delayed. Wanting to show that it is a user-friendly platform, Instagram is preparing to add a new feature to the application. Instagram will give a rest warning for users who cannot understand how time passes. "Take a Break" is an innovation that will prevent you from getting lost in the flow. In addition, Instagram is trying to maintain its leadership with further technological developments. If you wish, let's take a look at the innovations in popular platforms that compete to become indispensable in our lives with their different features.


Instagram Tests Its New Features

Instagram brings the feature of subscribing to content producers with its innovations. This feature, which is currently in the trial phase, will be opened to all users when it works smoothly. In addition, with an option to be added to the in-app purchases section, it will be possible to subscribe to content producers for a certain fee. Subscribing to a content producer costs $0.99.

Developing the Reels feature in the face of the popularity of video applications, Instagram is now extending the duration of the stories. Currently, videos longer than 15 seconds could be divided into parts and included in the report. Thanks to the new feature that has started to be developed, the duration of the stories that remain active for 24 hours increases up to 60 seconds. However, this feature is still being tested with a limited user base.

Getting ready to come up with more than one innovation at the beginning of 2022, Instagram is also planning a Favorites application. This new feature is intended to give users more control over the app. For example, thanks to Favorites, users will sort the posts of the accounts they follow chronologically. In this way, the user will also decide which post will be at the top of the stream.


TikTok Refreshes Its Algorithms

TikTok, the apple of the eye of the new generation, is also running from update to update. The most significant innovation of the platform is that it will bring the feature to upload videos with 1080p resolution. In addition, the brand is preparing a new button to be added to the platform. When the Visual Enhancement button is activated, users will edit their video footage with a single tap.

In addition to these developments, TikTok is also rearranging its content filters. For example, the "For You" section of recommended videos is updated. Although it was prepared according to user tastes, the "For You" stream did not have enough variety. Observing that this flow is repetitive, TikTok is working on a more effective filter with its new algorithm.

Another attack came from TikTok, which recently announced the developments regarding online shopping. Although it is being tested in many countries, TikTok is developing its live broadcast feature. This platform, called TikTok Live Studio, will offer users the opportunity to broadcast live from computers, smartphones, and game consoles.


Twitter Plays Leadership

Twitter, which has changed with its innovations one after the other, is preparing to add a new feature to its video content. Subtitle support is provided for videos with this innovation for hard-of-hearing users. In addition, the subtitle option will be active on the platform's website and operating systems.

Twitter, which adapted the "Reactions" feature used by Facebook recently, is now working on a new feature. Soon, the double-clicking-like feature that Instagram users are familiar with will also be available on Twitter. When the application comes to life, users will like by double-clicking on their posts and removing their likes by double-clicking again.

As it is known, Twitter carries out a very effective community policy. The platform, which is sensitive about the violation of community rules, has recently announced a new decision. Twitter no longer welcomes the unauthorized sharing of privately owned videos and photos. All kinds of shared data that are not open to the public are immediately deleted if the data owner complains.

There will be innovations in the Discover tab of the application in the coming days. With the update, this interface will have a cleaner and simpler look. Soon, the Discover tab, which currently has different titles, will only include Trending and For You. The For You section is designed as a scrollable vertical stream similar to TikTok.


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