At the end of a busy day, you miss sitting in your corner and reading a book. Unfortunately, time is not enough for anyone in a life spent in a rush. Admit it; even when you spend time on your hobbies, your mind is always on unfinished business. When you take the book in your hand, you come face to face with the dust on the floor, or you look for your books by lamenting the free time you spent behind the wheel or stuck in traffic. Personal pleasures are usually given up when it comes to responsibilities, and reading books is at the top of this list. What if we remind you of an alternative that will sound like medicine? Audiobook applications offer a great solution to this impasse by voicing many books for you. Let's take a look at the five most preferred applications.


1. Storytel


You can listen to the books voiced by many famous actors and voice artists through the Storytel application. There are nearly 2000 Turkish and more than 65,000 English audiobooks in the application. At Storytel, which also offers an excellent opportunity to improve your foreign language, you can save the books you listen to in the library. The application can be used even when there is no internet connection provides a great advantage. We can say that Storytel will be a good companion for you on long subway lines or airplane journeys with this feature. "I listen while I lie down." If you think, you can use the sleep timer of the application. This way, the concert will end automatically whenever you want, so you can ask "Where was I?" You will not experience fear.


2. Google Books

Google Kitaplar

Audiobook applications allow you to get closer to the magical world of books and save time. With the Google Books application, you can easily access thousands of books. In the Google Books application, which works in many languages besides Turkish, you need to buy the book you want to listen to and add it to your library. If you're going to get an idea about the book in advance, the application also offers the opportunity to listen to the previews. If you are a person who likes to take notes while reading a book, we have good news for you. Since the application works in sync with Google Drive, you can take notes while listening to your book. If you are a night listener, you can activate the night mode and adjust the light brightness to the level you want.


3. Audible

Most of us listen to something while we cook or clean. Why settle for only music when you can listen to a novel you couldn't read out of curiosity? Audiobook applications are a small gift you offer yourself when you need to run many different tasks simultaneously. All you need is a headset and a phone! Audible is one of the most preferred audiobook applications worldwide. It is enough to have an Amazon account to enter the application. After introducing your account, you can get the first book for free. The best feature of the Audible application is that you can adjust the voice speed of the narrator. If it's slow for you, speed it up! You did not like the voice acting, and you have the right to change the book. You can access your saved books from your library when you do not have internet access in the application, the book, magazines, podcasts, and original audio shows.


4. Audiobooks

Sesli Kitaplar

There's always room for a phone in our bag, but is it the same for books? Audiobook applications offer comfort and practicality to make books accessible at any time. When you get used to listening to books, you will be surprised to find that you meet with more books than your routine. The Audio Books application, whose all content in its library is in Turkish, provides excellent convenience, especially for those who have just acquired the habit of listening. The Audiobooks application, which offers a wide range from world classics to the latest novels in its rich library, will quickly become one of your indispensables. If you missed a section while listening to the book or want to hear it again, you could use the 10-second rewind option.


5. Serial Box

If you want to improve your foreign language, audiobook applications can be your biggest supporter. Research shows how significant the contribution of learning a language by listening is. Moreover, using the application provides both time and money advantages. With all the books in their content in English, the Serial Box application manages to stand out from its peers with this feature. With Serial Box, which has only fantasy, thriller, and science fiction books in its library, it's easy to improve your English while listening to books! Furthermore, you can decide whether to read a book you are curious about, thanks to the previews where you can listen to some of the books for free. If you wish, you can also use the night mode of the application.


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