Mobile Applications to Feed Your Artistry Spirit

Many branches of art have stepped into the digital world. For this reason, most designers started to prefer mobile drawing applications instead of using pen and paper. Thus, instead of collecting materials separately, they can perform their design work anytime, anywhere with a single device and application. Some people use mobile design applications, which have become increasingly popular in recent years, while others use them as a hobby. Although there are many design-oriented mobile applications used in professional studies, it is possible to find applications that are extremely easy to use for beginners. There are also encyclopedic applications for those who want to improve themselves not only in design but also artistically and culturally. Those who want to discover the artist inside can take a step by choosing from among many paid or free mobile applications. Moreover, there is online training for design applications. If you want to discover your artistic soul and develop yourself in this direction, you can have an idea by examining the mobile applications that bring art lovers and technology enthusiasts together.


1. An Application Where You Can Increase Your Artistic Knowledge: DailyArt

DailyArt is a mobile application that everyone who is interested in art and artists should have on their mobile phone or tablet. DailyArt, which is a resource for art lovers, is almost an art encyclopedia. The application offers its users the opportunity to access information about the work and artist they want and to create a favorite list that will bring this information together. In addition, the premium version provides the opportunity to access information about historical museums or important works.


2. Special for Digital Art Beginners: Art Prompts

Art Prompts, an Android application, is an ideal application, especially for those who are just starting out with the design. Art Prompts supports its users in creativity by providing inspiring content. Thus, it serves as a good helper for those who want to design something but do not know where to start. The application, which supports the drawing process, contains more than a thousand pieces of inspirational content. In addition to allowing one to choose between different categories, it also offers the ability to save the content of interest by creating favorite lists.


3. Draw and Paint as You Wish: Sketchbook

Sketchbook, one of the drawing applications, can be easily used by both professionals and beginner designers. Sketchbook, which is among the indispensable applications of digital art, helps in design-oriented works and pleases those who want to spend their free time and improve themselves in the field of design. Just download the application to your smart device to have fun with color palettes, pens and writing styles and to revive the artistic spirit in you.


4. For Those Who Want to Explore the Magical World of Art: Google Arts & Culture

Another application with encyclopedic values that art lovers can enjoy is Google Arts & Culture. This special application, which contains everything about art, history and culture, is a light for art lovers. It enables you to visit many museums or special places online with applications such as virtual reality tours, 360-degree videos and street views. It provides access to not only images but also a lot of information.


5. Special for Those Who Have Just Stepped into the World of Design: Assembly

Making it easy to design with hundreds of basic shapes and themes, Assembly is an ideal application for amateur designers. The application, which paves the way for designing without any special skills, is perfect for those who are interested in basic designs. It can be easily used in social media shares, visual designs for the website, or in presentation works.


6. Share Your Designs and Get Inspired: Behance

Behance, which is an area where users display their visual work portfolios, can also be used as a source of inspiration. Although it generally brings professional designers together, it is often preferred by beginners. Access to the application is completely free. All you need to do is sign up by e-mail and create your profile with some information.


7. Application That Brings Artists and Art Lovers Together: DeviantArt

Bringing both artists and art lovers together, DeviantArt allows artists to exhibit their works here. It also allows art lovers to provide feedback. Artists and art lovers can chat on the application, where communities can be created according to different types of art. In this way, it is not only possible to exhibit the works but also to exchange ideas. Moreover, with the favorite feature of the application, you can closely follow the projects you are interested in and have detailed information about them.


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