Books You Can Enjoy By The Fireplace In Winter

When the cold days of winter come, sometimes you may not want to leave the house. You need stories to warm your heart as you sit at home with your blanket and hot chocolate. Especially if there is a fireplace in your home or in the hotel where you spend your winter vacation, time will be much more enjoyable. A wonderful book to accompany you with your mulled wine or coffee by the fireplace will help you put aside all the troubles of life. So, what are the books that you can read with pleasure by the fireplace in winter? Here are some suggestions for you.


1. Me Before You

Me Before You was published in 2012, based on the warm story of the movie that brought together the Emilia Clarke and Sam Claflin duo in their leading roles in 2016. Me Before You, which has deeply affected the readership since the day it was published, will drag you into a deep story. Confined to a wheelchair due to a motorcycle accident, Will has to deal with many problems. Will's life, who no longer enjoys living any longer, and changes from head to toe with the help of his babysitter, Lou. You can read the book Me Before You, which makes you feel that there is and will always be hope, and that allows you to find a piece of yourself, by the fireplace in one fell swoop.


2. Tehlikeli Oyunlar (Dangerous Games)

Would you like to open a new window in your life with the story of Hikmet Benol? Oğuz Atay's work, “Tehlikeli Oyunlar”, in which he tells about the human being, the fight with the environment and especially with himself, has a shocking effect. While reading by the fireplace, you will often feel the need to underline the lines in the work that you cannot take your eyes off, even for a moment. Hikmet Benol, who deals with the realities of life as if you are playing a game, takes you on an impressive journey that you will contemplate while reading.


3. White Nights

How would you like to spend a wonderful winter on the streets of St. Petersburg? White Nights, the immortal work of Fyodor Dostoyevsky, presents a fascinating story that lasts for four days. While the dreamy narrator of the story is telling his life story to the young girl Nastenka he fell in love with, you will lose yourself in the lines. While waiting for the day the man she loves to come, Nastenka seeks help from the story's narrator, The Young Man. Trying to hide his feelings, Young Man becomes the protagonist of an unforgettable story. The absence of the character's name also brings along theories that Dostoevsky is telling his own story. While reading this story, you will travel to different lands and spend four wonderful days on the streets of Petersburg.


4. Museum of Innocence

The immortal work of our internationally successful writer, Nobel Prize winner Orhan Pamuk, The Museum of Innocence offers more than just a book. The love between Kemal, a rich boy from Istanbul, and his poor relative, Füsun, turns into a legendary adventure. Orhan Pamuk, who delves into the depths of the human soul, deals with love, marriage, sexuality, passion, in short, the emotions and impulses that make people human. While the lines prepared with fine workmanship create a colorful world for you, you will not want to leave the fireplace without finishing the book. Moreover, the author has also established a real Museum of Innocence in Istanbul, where the items belonging to the fictional characters in the book are exhibited and there are details that can embody the story.


5. The Picture of Dorian Gray

Oscar Wilde's only novel The Picture of Dorian Gray is a wonderful story that will make you experience magical moments. Fascinated by the beauty of Dorian Gray, a handsome young man, the painter Basil Hallward paints a portrait of him. After meeting Lord Henry, Dorian, whose social circle has expanded, adopts the understanding of Hedonism and begins to live a completely pleasure-oriented life. Knowing that beauty is the only thing he has, Dorian does not want to grow old and wants his portrait to age instead of himself. The book, where events take a different dimension, draws you in.


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