Over Here Motorcycle Lovers! Best Motorcycle Routes That Are Close to Istanbul

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A motorcycle is more than a vehicle for most users. In fact, it's almost a lifestyle. The motorcycle, which allows you to feel the feeling of freedom to the fullest, makes the journey much more attractive. It is possible to increase the pleasure of motorcycle travel by escaping from the crowds, traffic, and noise of the city. You can consider the routes around Istanbul as a day trip or a weekend getaway and ride your motorcycle in a pleasant and peaceful environment. Let's check out the best motorcycle routes that are close to Istanbul that you will enjoy visiting together.


Each Season is More Beautiful Than the Other One: Kıyıköy

If you would like to enjoy motorcycling in a limited period of time, such as a weekend, Kıyıköy is a great route that you can go near Istanbul. This quiet and charming coastal town, located within the borders of Kırklareli, is an opportunity route for those who want to get away from the tiring pace of Istanbul.

You can reach Kıyıköy, which is approximately 160 km away from Istanbul, by passing through the roads and villages that reveal all the beauty of nature. This unique route, which looks like a postcard, takes you to a fascinating view and the cool waters of the Black Sea. The coastal town, which resembles a bay when viewed from above and where blue and green unite, is an ideal location for those who want to camp and hike, take photographs, and explore nature.


A Fairytale Land: İğneada Floodplain

İğneada Floodplain is an address that is located in Kırklareli city and generously displays its natural beauty. İğneada Floodplain, which is also close to Kıyıköy, is located approximately 240 km away from Istanbul. Starting from Kıyıköy followed by Kışlacık, Kızılağaç and Demirköy you will arrive at İğneada.

İğneada Floodplain, which resembles a fairy-tale land on the shores of the Istranca Mountains and brings you different colors of nature, has very winding roads. Therefore, it is necessary to drive carefully. Floodplain, which has been a national park since 2007, has a quiet and serene atmosphere as well as its unique beauty. If you wish, you can also follow the route that surrounds Lake Mert in the floodplain and meet the beauties of the floodplain that extend into the depths.


The Historical Fishing Town: Yalıköy

Yalıköy, located in the Çatalca district of Istanbul and approximately 55 km away from the city center, is a fishing town where it’s on the Black Sea coast of the city. This charming town has a quiet route without much traffic. However, it is not possible to say that the roads are very wide. Still, the Yalıköy route manages to appeal to those who want to have a quiet motorcycle journey.

At the end of the road, a paradise is waiting for you, displaying its blue and green tones in great richness. In Yalıköy, which used to be a Greek fishing village, the settlement and the beach are almost intertwined. You should certainly take some of the water with you when leaving the coastal town, where the chlorine level of the water resources is zero.


Little Black Sea: Kandıra

Located approximately two hours away from Istanbul, Kandıra is one of the most beautiful districts of Kocaeli. It is possible to say that the roads are problem-free on this route, where you can continue on the highway all the way to the borders of Kocaeli.

Although Kandıra is located in the Marmara Region, it resembles the Black Sea with its view, texture, nature and route. You start to feel this from the moment you leave the highway and turn onto the Kandıra road. Kandıra, which continues to largely preserve its untouched structure, also hosts alternative locations to visit such as Kerpe, Kefken Island, Cebeci Beach and Sardala Bay.

Journey to the Heart of Nature: Elite World Grand Sapanca

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Located only 2 hours away from Istanbul, Sapanca Lake is an appealing alternative with its unique texture, peaceful atmosphere, and naturalness. Similar to Kandıra, you can use the highway until you enter the borders of Sakarya. After leaving the highway, you can reach Sapanca Lake by following the roads that create the feeling of embracing nature step by step. Located on the edge of Sapanca Lake, the motorcycle route reveals a unique view of the lake and nature.

You may not want to leave here when you have gone all the way to Sapanca Lake. You can choose Elite World Grand Sapanca to combine the peace you feel with comfort, and you can relieve the sweet tiredness of the day by evaluating the room options that suit your needs.

You can rest your soul as well as your body by taking advantage of the SPA, fitness, well-being, and various Far Eastern rituals at Elite World Grand Sapanca's Fit Life SPA & Wellness Centre. You can top off your dinner with an affluent menu that is prepared by award-winning chefs that showcase unique examples of Turkish and world cuisine. If you would like to top off your motorcycle journey with comfortable and luxurious accommodation, you can visit Elite World Grand Sapanca to reserve your place right away.


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