Activities You Can Do in the Nature of Sapanca

Activities You Can Do in the Nature of Sapanca

Sapanca is one of the destinations that is intertwined with nature in Turkey and has a distinguished appeal in terms of being close to İstanbul. The center takes on a unique beauty each season by topping off with its eye-catching and peaceful natural texture united with Sapanca Lake. Sapanca, located within the borders of the city of Sakarya, draws attention to its fascinating beauty as well as the activities it offers to its visitors. Here are the activities you can do in the nature of Sapanca, which stands out with its rich vegetation and dazzles!


Embrace Nature at The Nature Park

Sakarya İl Orman Tabiat Park manages to attract visitors in all seasons of the year and is currently located on the Sakarya-Sapanca road. Nature Park, which reflects the colors of nature and has a tranquil atmosphere, completes its fascinating ambiance with the unique view of Sapanca Lake.

It is quite possible to have a picnic in Nature Park, which also provides opportunities for eating and drinking within its borders. You can visit this natural facility, which is spread over a very large terrain of 27 hectares, by renting a horse, donkey, or ATV. We advise you to visit Nature Park before leaving Sapanca, which offers its visitors the opportunity to embrace nature with a tranquil atmosphere, fresh air, and lake views!


Gather Memorable Experiences in Sapanca Lake

Sapanca Lake is undoubtedly one of the first places that come to mind when Sapanca is mentioned. In addition to its blue waters, the lake is surrounded by green colors in different shades of nature. In a sense, it is a special location where blue and green unites. By trekking in Sapanca Lake, you may increase your enjoyment thus offering a serene environment away from the city bustle. As an alternative to trekking, you can take cycling tours and stroll around the events that are occurring at Sapanca Lake.

One of the best ways to discover Sapanca Lake is by pedal boat. Thanks to this event, which attracts the attention of both domestic and foreign tourists, you can have fun with your loved ones. Looking at Sapanca from the lake while you float around the calmness of the water might be a unique experience. 


Expand Your Logbook

During your stay in Sapanca, you can enrich your logbook by exploring other prominent locations in the region. If you are preparing a list for this, you can add Maşukiye at the top of the list.

Although Maşukiye is located within the borders of Kocaeli city, its name is identified with Sapanca. This charming village, where there are various facilities built around Aygır Dere, fascinates visitors with its natural texture. Maşukiye is also important in terms of having a suitable environment for nature sports. Thus, you can evaluate many alternatives to have fun here and find yourself in moments full of adrenaline.

Kırkpınar, where the Circassian population is dominant, is another location where you can stop during your visit to Sapanca. In Kırkpınar, which has places where you can meet Circassian delicacies, areas such as the beach, walking trail, picnic area and rowing are waiting for you. Especially having a picnic against the wonderful view of Sapanca Lake and multiplying this pleasure on the walking trail can create a therapeutic effect.


Discover All the Richness of Sapanca with Elite World Grand Sapanca

Elite World Grand Sapanca is one of the best locations for a tranquil holiday intertwined with nature. Thanks to the Adventure Park, Elite World Grand Sapanca alters into a different flamboyant area by promising a comfortable stay with its rooms with a biological pond and nature view. Adventure Park guarantees the adrenaline you are looking for and the fun-filled moments you will spend with your loved ones. At Adventure Park, which allows you to spend time alone with nature, you can have a safari adventure with ATV and UTV, spend tranquil moments by trekking and taking a lake tour and attend shooting ranges that are full of excitement. For another alternative, you can join the Treasure Hunt game where you will have fun with your loved ones and children. You can visit Elite World Grand Sapanca to reserve your place in Adventure Park or to have more information about the Adventure Park activities.