The Best Picnic Places in İstanbul

Picnic is still the most indispensable activity of the summer months for many of us. If you live in Istanbul and are looking for alternative picnic places, we have great news for you! We have brought together the spacious and beautiful picnic areas of Istanbul for you in this article. Here are the 9 most beautiful picnic spots in Istanbul.


1. Belgrad Forests

Belgrad Forest is one of the most visited forests on the European Side with its 6-kilometer walking and jogging trails. In addition, this favorite forest offers picnic opportunities to its visitors. The ponds and streams you will encounter when you go a little bit off the route will also fascinate those who visit each season with their views. If you like tranquility, we recommend you visit Belgrad Forest early in the morning. After having your picnic with healthy meals and a delicious coffee in the morning, you can take a walk in the greenery with plenty of oxygen and return back home refreshed.


2. Fenerbahçe Park

Fenerbahçe Park is just one of the beauties of Kadıköy. If you would like to have a picnic in this park, which is full of flowers in all seasons and has a clean and magnificent sea view, we suggest that you take your place in the early hours, especially at weekends. Furthermore, you don't need to do much preparation, just purchase a fresh bagel from the bagel shop at the entrance. While the glowing sea view will add a different flavor to your breakfast, it will also give you a wonderful day!


3. Göktürk Pond Nature Park

If you haven't experienced picnicking in Göktürk Nature Park, which is surrounded by green trees and has a wonderful pond, you can start packing your picnic basket right away. After completing your picnic, you can spend the rest of the day riding your bike on the bike trail in the park or taking a relaxing walk on the jogging trails. If you would like to get away from city life and spend a day around natural beauties, certainly add Göktürk Nature Park to your list!


4. Bahçeköy Nursery

Bahçeköy Nursery, located in Sarıyer district of Istanbul, is a plant paradise that contains every shade of green. Bahçeköy Nursery can also be a very enjoyable option for you to have a picnic. After enjoying your picnic in this lush and oxygen-rich environment, you can take a short tour to see the saplings of the plants and capture beautiful photo frames during your tour.


5. Beykoz Kaymakdonduran Forest

Located just 5 kilometers away from the Beykoz beach, this forest will be the option that you seek for your picnic with its wooden picnic tables and many picnic area alternatives. Since we are in the summer months, many people who want to enjoy the nice weather prefer this forest. Our advice is to take your place early for a pleasant and quiet picnic experience. Wouldn't it be fun to take a nature walk in a place that is surrounded by green right after having a picnic?


6. Büyükada Dilburnu Recreation Area

Büyükada, which is an indispensable route for both Istanbulites and those who are outside of Istanbul in the summer months, is one of the areas that are most enjoyed by picnickers with its picnic area. This cute place has both cozy picnic areas and coves that give you the chance to swim. That's why you can enjoy your picnic under the pine forests here and then you can top it off by swimming in the sea.


7. Yıldız Park Grove

Yıldız Park Grove, which we can say is right in the heart of Istanbul, is a very great option for those who want to spend a pleasant time in nature. Yıldız Park Grove is a very popular and preferred spot in the city with its lush trees, bicycle trails, picnic areas and bridges where you can take pictures. If you have not visited this grove before, then start packing right away for the picnic and hit the road without wasting any time!


8. Nezahat Gökyiğit Botanical Garden

Located among the buildings in Ataşehir, this place is like an escape corner for those who cannot get away from the city. You can easily have your picnic on the wooden picnic tables around a small pond. Furthermore, the entrance to this wonderful garden requires no charge. Let's make a quick warning beforehand that if you have planned a barbecue picnic, it is not allowed to have a barbecue in this garden. Nezahat Gökyiğit Botanical Garden is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places to have a picnic.


9. Florya Atatürk Forest

Florya Atatürk Forest is a very large forest area that is located in Bakırköy. Walking trails, bicycle trails, and picnic areas in the forest offer you the opportunity to have fun and take a break as much as you need. In addition, one of the best reasons for choosing this place is that the seaside part of the forest has a sandy beach. After having a picnic with tasty food, you can jump into the cool waters. Have fun!


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