Route and Activity Suggestions for Those Who Will Take an Istanbul Tour in Autumn

Route and Activity Suggestions for Those Who Will Take an Istanbul Tour in Autumn

Istanbul is a city that attracts attention all over the world with its natural beauty, historical places, and unique landscapes. Therefore, it hosts millions of tourists from Turkey and all over the world each year. Istanbul, which welcomes tourists for every season of the year, takes on a completely different beauty in autumn. Slightly cool weather, colorful leaves and unique landscapes make the atmosphere of the city more attractive in this season.

If you would like to witness this beauty as well, you can take a tour of Istanbul during the fall and visit the streets that have a scent of history, take a break across the unique views, and participate in fun activities. So, how about rating the route and activity suggestions for those who will visit Istanbul during the autumn?


One of the Oldest and Lively Routes of the City: Taksim

Taksim, a district of Beyoğlu, is a lively district at any time of the day. With its architectural structures, restaurants and cafes, shopping centers and fun atmosphere, it is one of the places that everyone who is planning on visiting Istanbul should certainly check out.

When you visit Taksim, you can stroll around Taksim Square, tour Istiklal Street from start to end and examine the architectural structures by entering the historical streets on the street. Then you can go down Istiklal Street and visit the historic Galata Tower. When you want to catch your breath, you can sit in cafes or restaurants on the street. After visiting the museum and exhibition areas in Taksim, you can attend events such as concerts and theaters that are held in various venues of the district.

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Enjoy the Sea View: Küçükyalı

Küçükyalı, a district of Maltepe district, is one of the popular districts on the Anatolian side of Istanbul. Since it is on the coast of the Marmara Sea, it offers visitors the opportunity to have a good time with its unique view.

You can take a nice walk by the sea by including Küçükyalı in your Istanbul tour. If you would like to see the historical sites of the district, you can visit the Küçükyalı Archeological Park (The Bryas Palace) and spend time on events such as concerts, movies and theater that are held here from time to time. In Küçükyalı, you can have a nice dinner at the businesses that serve day and night and have a pleasant time with the tasty music.

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One of the Most Popular Neighborhoods in Istanbul: Florya

Florya, one of the touristic districts of Bakırköy district, is among the most popular locations in Istanbul with its villas with large gardens, houses with large balconies and stunning Bosphorus views. It offers its visitors quite different options with its natural beauty and historical structures.

When you visit Florya, you can first go to Istanbul Aquarium. Istanbul Aquarium, which is very close to the center of Florya, is one of the leading aquariums in the world with its diversity of fish species, different activities, and size. If you like natural areas, you can take a walk in Florya Atatürk Forest in peace, sit in the cafes and restaurants in the forest and enjoy nature to the fullest. While in Florya, you should certainly visit Florya Atatürk Marine Mansion. You can also have good meals at Florya Social Facilities.

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An Advantageous Region in Terms of Transportation: Basın Ekspres Street

Located in Küçükçekmece, Basın Ekspres Street is surrounded by the Marmara Sea from the south, Başakşehir and Istanbul Airport from the north and Büyükçekmece and Avcılar districts from the west. Being surrounded by these popular locations makes it one of the very busy streets of Istanbul.

When you explore Basın Ekspres Street, you can also visit the nearby areas. For example, you can go to the Canary Coast (Kanarya Sahili) for a pleasant walk and enjoy the sea view by sitting on a bench. You can have a nice dinner with your family at the restaurants that are located on Basın Ekspres after stopping by Yarımburgaz Cave (Yarımburgaz Mağarası), which is located close to the region and attracts a lot of attention from tourists.

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