Music Suggestions for an Unforgettable Wedding Video

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Who wouldn't want to make the videos that you shoot on your wedding day more perfect with the music that suits the best? It is the music you choose that will complement the most important moment for you and define your emotions in your videos. Therefore, the music you will use for a perfect wedding video is of great importance. In this article, you can learn how to choose the music that complements you for your wedding video and you can complete your wedding videos by browsing the music lists that we have prepared for you.

How to Choose the Best Music for a Wedding Video?

The power of music adds depth to your emotional moments, enriches the atmosphere and takes your audience on an emotional journey. Therefore, choosing the right music for your wedding video is extremely important to create an unforgettable experience. There are some important points you should pay attention to when choosing music for your wedding video. These include what the content of your video will be to your tastes and your wedding theme.

You need to pay attention to these points before choosing your music. If you are shooting an entertaining video, you can choose music with entertaining content, or if you have a themed wedding, you can choose music that suits the wedding theme. Additionally, when choosing music, the lyrics and the message of the music are elements that will complete your video.


Best Songs for Romantic Moments

You can complete your romantic moments, from your first dance video to special shoots with music that will show the bond between each other and reflect your love. While you reflect the depth of your love with romantic music, you also immerse the audience of the wedding video in the magic of romance. Here are song suggestions that you can choose for your romantic moments when choosing wedding video music:


  • Ed Shareen-Perfect: This song describes the perfect moments of love.
  • John Legend-All of Me: The lyrics of the song describe the depth of love and affection.
  • Oya, Bora-  Sevme Zamanı: This song emphasizes the sanctity of love.
  • Özdemir Erdoğan- Bana Ellerini Ver: This song talks about the beauties of love.
  • Sezen Aksu- Kutlama: This song celebrates togetherness and a new life.
  • Kenan Doğulu-  Tencere Kapak: This song tells how lovers complete one another.
  • Sting-Shape of My Heart: It is a fascinating choice with its soft and gentle music.

Songs for Classical Music Lovers

Classical music, which is generally preferred for couples who want to have a reception or cocktail-style wedding, adds a sophisticated atmosphere to your wedding video. You can shoot stylish videos by choosing classical music. You can add a different ambiance to your wedding by choosing this type of music, especially while walking towards the first dance or wedding table. Although classical music is preferred more for weddings that are held indoors, it can also be used only when recording certain moments. Here are the songs that can be preferred for those who want to make a classical entrance:


  • Itzhak Perlman-Tango: This song presents you with the unique strikingness of the violin.
  • Gabriel Fauré-Pavane: A great song to create an elegant and emotional atmosphere.
  • Felix Mendelsshon- Wedding March: A great classic for the first dance.
  • Johann Pachelbel-Canon in D: This music can be a complete dance song with its slow melody.
  • Ludwig van Beethoven-Ode to Joy: This increasingly energetic song may be an interesting option.
  • Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart-Eine kleine Nachtmusik: It is a fast song that helps increase the energy of your video.
  • Johann Sebastian Bach-Air on the G String: It is a light and romantic song that will enrich the wedding atmosphere.


Best Songs for Fun Moments

By choosing the right music, you can make your wedding videos even more enjoyable and increase the joy of every moment that you share. Thanks to fun songs, you can make the most remarkable and entertaining parts of your wedding much more unforgettable. Fun songs we chose to help you with this issue:


  • Pharrell Williams-Happy: You can use it to immortalize your happy moments.
  • Beatles-I Want to Hold Your Hand: A fun, rhythmic and nostalgic choice.
  • Van Halen-Dance the Night Away: This rock song will make the craziest scenes of your wedding more vivid.
  • Sezen Aksu - Haydi Gel Benimle Ol: It may be ideal for those who are looking for a high-energy and romantic song.
  • Kool & The Gang-Celebration: A great option for celebrations.
  • ABBA-Dancing Queen: Can be used for entertaining videos.
  • Ümit Sayın- Ben Tabii ki: For those who are looking for an energetic and romantic song!


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