Istanbul Culture and Art Events: October 2023

Turkey's apple of the eye, Istanbul, hosts delightful events once again during October when autumn slowly starts to appear! Many events are waiting for art enthusiasts, from plays to art exhibitions, concerts to educational workshops. Here is the Istanbul Culture and Art Events: October 2023 Guide for those who want to be satisfied with art.


For Little Art Lovers: Leonardo Da Vinci ile Müzede Bir Gün (A Day at the Museum with Leonardo Da Vinci)

The most famous work of Leonardo Da Vinci, who worked in many areas of the Renaissance Period, is of course the painting Mona Lisa! But the painting is about to be stolen by two thieves who have entered the museum one night...Leonardo Da Vinci ile Müzede Bir Gün (A Day at the Museum with Leonardo Da Vinci), designed by Theater 34 for children, will be on stage on October 1 at 15:00. This delightful musical that is written and directed by Özlem Tezel and Altan Tezel, is waiting for the little ones who are passionate about art.


This Is The Time Where You Are the Detective!: Eğlenceli Cinayetler Kumpanyası-Sette Cinayet  (Murder on Set)

Sette Cinayet (Murder on Set) is the brand-new play of the Eğlenceli Cinayetler Kumpanyası where the team known for Turkey's first and only interactive detective play, is waiting to meet you at Dada Salon Kabarett on October 5th. The play, written by Selin Atasoy and directed by Okan Bayülgen, is about a mysterious murder that is committed on the film set. You can enjoy the delicious food on the menu, meet with the actors and try to solve this mystery that is full of secrets while watching the play. You never know, maybe this time around you are the one who will catch the murderer!


This Concert Cannot Be Missed!: Levent Yüksel 30th Anniversary Symphonic Concert

Levent Yüksel, the master of Turkish pop music, known for his unforgettable songs such as Medcezir, Ya Sonra, Tuana and Dedikodu, will be on stage for you on the 30th anniversary of his career. The artist will bring you his most popular songs that are accompanied by a symphonic orchestra in this special concert held at Harbiye Cemil Topuzlu Open Air Theatre on October 7 at 21:00. We recommend you to not miss this unique concert, which will be the only premiere in Istanbul!


A Nostalgic Journey: Vintage Festival

Unforgettable names of 90s Turkish pop such as Yonca Evcimik, Çelik, Mansur Ark and Burak Kut will be on stage at the Vintage Festival that is organized by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. In addition, famous names such as Hey! Douglas, Ft. Ogün Sanlısoy, Murat Ertel, Ahmet Güvenç, and Deniz Tekin are also a part of this special project that is organized in memory of our recently deceased Turkish rock music artist Erkin Koray. Don't make any promises to anyone on October 7-8 and get ready for a nostalgic journey at Festival Park Kadıköy!


This is Out of This World When Its Outdoors!: La La Land

La La Land, the fascinating musical movie directed by Damien Chazelle and starring Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling, is at outdoors for you this time! You can watch this emotional love story, which makes you experience many different emotions at the same time, at Swissotel The Bosphorus Istanbul on October 9 at 20:00.


Today's Dinner is on You: World Cuisine Far East Sushi Noodle Workshop

Are you ready to meet a completely different culinary culture? You will get to know Far Eastern cuisine closely and learn how to make its unique dishes at the World Cuisine Far East Sushi Noodle Workshop which is organized by Cooking Class Academy. At the workshop which will be held on October 13, you can learn how to make California Roll Sushi, Philadelphia Roll Sushi, accompanying sauces and garnishes, Japanese Seaweed Salad, Vegetable Noodle making and other techniques.


The Most Fun State of Autumn: 2023 Oktoberfest İstanbul

Oktoberfest, one of Germany's most famous festivals, will be at Volkswagen Arena on October 14 and 15! Göksel and Hey! Douglas will be on stage on the first day of this music-filled festival. On the second day, German producer, and DJ Stefan Hantel and the popular name of Balkan music Goran Bregovic will be with you! Don't forget to add this fun weekend event full of concerts, various activities and food and beverage areas to your agenda!


A Work That Makes You Question Love: Cyrano

Poet and play writer Edmond Rostand's famous work Cyrano de Bergerac, written in 1897, now meets you on stage. Directed by Ahmet Sami Özbudak, the play stars successful actors such as Bülent Emin Yarar, Mert Fırat, Ece Çeşmioğlu Ölmez, Caner Erdem, Elif Mandan, Ertuğrul Gümrükçüoğlu, Fatin Elçim, Ömer Faruk Tezgel and Erol Babaoğlu. The two-act fairytale play, which examines issues such as the perception of beauty, loneliness, death, and love, will be with you at Das Das on October 14-15-21-22!


Get Your Costumes Ready!: Halloween Camp

One of the indispensable entertainments of October is, of course, Halloween! So, how about taking your tent and going to a three-day Halloween camp with costume contests, dances, and activities this year? DJ performances, award-winning Halloween competitions, yoga, sports games, hip-hop workshops, beer pong and much more are waiting for you at the event that will take place at Arnavutköy Ünlü Piknik Alanı on October 20-21-22.


Women's Voices in Pera: Bir Arada Konserleri Tuğçe Şenoğul & Yasemin Mori

The guest of singer and composer Tuğçe Şenoğul's Bir Arada Konserleri series at Pera Museum in October is Yasemin Mori, the powerful voice of alternative rock music! The event, which is a walk-in event and is limited to 150 people, hosts the powerful women of the music world, and offers a unique musical experience to its audience. The event, organized in cooperation with Beats By Girlz Türkiye and Pera Museum, which carries out projects to ensure gender equality in the music industry, awaits you at Pera Café on October 27, at 19:30.


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