History of Ortaköy Mosque, the Pearl of the Bosphorus

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Istanbul, one of the oldest cities in the world, is also quite affluent when it comes to the historical mosques! Ortaköy Mosque, located in the district Ortaköy in Beşiktaş, Istanbul and seen as the pearl of the Bosphorus, has become a historical part of these riches. Based on the history of Ortaköy Mosque, we have researched all the details about the mosque for you! Let's have a look at these details about Ortaköy Mosque together.


History of Ortaköy Mosque with Its Long History

This building, also known as the Great Mosque of Sultan Abdulmejid, stands out with its fine and elegant architecture, built by Sultan Abdulmejid to beautify the Bosphorus. There was previously a masjid built by Mahmud Agha, the son-in-law of Vizier Ibrahim Pasha, where the mosque is located. According to the inscription on the entrance door of the mosque, today's building was built by Sultan Abdulmejid in 1854.

Located at the northern end of Ortaköy Pier Square, on a small cape extending towards the Bosphorus, the mosque has a uniquely beautiful architecture that can be seen from many points of Istanbul. The architect of the Ortaköy Mosque is Nigoğayos Balyan, a member of the Balyan family who served the Ottoman Palace for several generations and who completed his architectural education in France.


Architectural Structure of Ortaköy Mosque, Fascinating with Its Intricacies

One of the most important architectural features of the mosque is the use of the Baroque architectural style, which we encountered especially in the palaces of France and Italy after the 18th century. As a feature of this architectural style, the exterior of the mosque attracts attention with its carved and relief decorations made of magnificently beautiful stones.

As is the general characteristic of 19th-century mosques, in addition to the main worship section, the mosque also has a sultan's pavilion section built for the sultans to pray and rest. The mosque has large and high windows. The interior walls of the mosque are made of pink plaster with red and white bright stripes and the marble structure of the pulpit is decorated with pink stones.

From Past to Present: Restoration Works of Ortaköy Mosque

The building, which is very delicate in terms of architecture because it was built on a dock, was repaired in 1862 and 1866 and underwent a major renovation in 1909 when it suffered great damage in the 1894 Istanbul earthquake. Due to new cracks appearing in the mosque in the following years, the Directorate General of Foundations started restoration works in the 1960s. During these works, the floor of the mosque was reinforced, and its dome was renewed.

Following this restoration, the mosque was reopened for use in 1969. After a major fire occurred in 1984, the mosque was partially destroyed and restored once again. Following the restoration works that were carried out by the Directorate General of Foundations between 2011 and 2014, the mosque was opened for worship.

Although its original parts have been greatly changed as a result of all these restoration activities, Ortaköy Mosque manages to be one of the historically important architectural works of the Bosphorus.


Ortaköy Mosque Visiting Hours and Transportation

Ortaköy Mosque is open to the public between 04.00 am and 10.00 pm. If you wish you can pray and worship during the day. If you prefer to reach Ortaköy Mosque from the European side, you can use city public transport networks. You can choose the ferry for transportation from the Anatolian side and travel with a pleasant view of Istanbul.


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