If you would like to get rid of the crowd and stress of Istanbul, leave the stress of the busy work week aside and try to do something beneficial for your body; running and walking can be the ideal activities for you. The places you can choose for running and walking are waiting for you on the Anatolian side in the most entertaining way. Because the Anatolian Side is one of the rare places in Istanbul that can stay greenery. The feeling you get from activities such as running and walking becomes so much fun around the green! Well, what are the places on the Anatolian side where you can jog and walk in the greenery area? Here are those enjoyable places!


Aydos Forest / Kartal

Aydos Forest, located in Kartal, Anatolian Side, has a magnificent nature surrounded by pine trees. For this reason, it is among the places most preferred by Istanbulites for activities such as jogging, walking and for picnics. In terms of transportation, you have the chance to reach the forest either by your private vehicle or by public transportation. In that case, if you are one of those who say, "I want to exercise and get plenty of oxygen to my lungs", Aydos Forest may be an ideal choice for you. After exercising, you can double the pleasure of this green nature while sipping the coffee you brought with you in your camping chair. Maybe a gripping book can accompany your coffee as well!


Polonezköy Nature Park / Beykoz

Polonezköy, an old Polish village, is a frequent destination for those who want to unite with nature during weekends. Polonezköy is frequently preferred because of the breakfast restaurants and self-catering places it hosts and it is also ideal for those who want to take a walk and jog. In Polonezköy Nature Park, there is a track away from the noise of the city and intertwined with nature. Therefore, if you are one of those who like to exercise in the greenery area, you can easily choose Polonezköy. During your walk, the chirping of birds and the sounds of leaves will accompany you. You will want to exercise here every day!


Caddebostan Beach / Kadıköy

Caddebostan is one of the most popular neighborhoods of Kadıköy. Because finding a place that is so vibrant and so green is quite rare. If you want to jog and walk at a point where the green and blue unite, you can easily choose Caddebostan Beach. If you have a pet, you can include it during your walk. They can have fun with their furry friends while you exercise.


Göztepe 60th Year Park

Göztepe 60th Year Park is one of the tranquil and quiet routes of the Anatolian Side. Especially during the spring season, the colorful flowers around you will enchant you while you are taking a walk. Taking a walk by inhaling the refreshing air will make your exercise better and will allow you to spend pleasant moments. You will never want your walk to end in this colorful destination!


Khedive’s Palace / Beykoz

The joy of walking while watching the city view is indescribable! And when the fresh scent of lush trees is added to this panoramic view… The Khedive’s Palace in Beykoz is also known as Çubuklu Palace. This wonderful palace has an enchanting atmosphere as well as a magnificent view of Istanbul. It has an average 1.5 km long track. You can support your walking and train different muscle groups with the exercise equipment on the side of the track. If you haven't visited Khedive’s Palace yet, then don't waste any time!


Avcıkoru Nature Park

You can choose Avcıkoru Nature Park for both exercising and camping. You will not believe that this park, located in Çekmeköy, is in the city. It's like a natural treasure hidden in the metropolis! Walking by and watching the greenery area, giant trees and bungalows that surround you will make you forget all the stress of city life! Even imagining it makes you feel better, doesn’t it?


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