Activity Suggestions for Nature and Adrenaline Enthusiasts: Adventure Park

Being in touch with nature is not just about relaxing and having a peaceful time. You can also do activities in nature that will feed your adrenaline passion. It is possible to find many activities with high levels of excitement to achieve this goal. Here are some great activity suggestions that can take you on adrenaline-filled adventures in nature!

An Adrenaline-Filled Adventure: ATV Safari Tours

ATV safari tour takes place in a natural land with the participation of a certain number of people and is one of the most enjoyable activities. ATV safari tour, which gives you the opportunity to be in touch with nature, meets your needs for adrenaline, excitement, and entertainment. You can join the tour alone or as a team with your adventurous friends.

If you want to participate in an adrenaline-filled adventure by going through sharp bends, narrow paths and steep slopes in rugged terrain, an ATV safari tour may be exactly the kind of activity that you are looking for.


Strategy and Excitement Unite: Outdoor Range Shooting

If you would like to take your adrenaline level to the highest level by combining sports with your shooting ability, outdoor shooting ranges can offer you the fun time that you are looking for. This activity also promises you exciting moments by blending fun and strategy. You can release all of your negative energy by participating in a shooting event in nature, away from the crowds and the noise of the city!


Journey to Discover Nature: Trekking and Lake Tours

How about enjoying trekking and lake tours in natural wonders where blue and green are intertwined in a unique harmony? You can enrich your tour by experiencing the excitement of exploring the nature and vegetation of the region during your walk. If you wish, you can top off this activity, which is already extremely healthy with a different experience by doing stretching and breathing exercises. You can join the trekking and lake tour alone or with your loved ones and combine the peace of nature with a pleasant conversation.


For Those Who Are Seeking Mystery in Adventure: Discovery Activities in the Forest

Exploration activities in the forest are one of the most enjoyable activities that will allow you to increase the dose of excitement and fun with a mysterious adventure. These games may contain different concepts. In mystery games with specific objectives, you try to find the hidden object by completing the given tasks. At each mission stage, the level of adventure and mystery increases exponentially. In order to be successful in forest exploration activities, it is often necessary to act as a team. So, you can discover team spirit while nurturing your adventurous side throughout the game.


Adrenaline and Entertainment Address: Elite World Grand Sapanca Adventure Park

Adventure Park under the roof of Elite World Grand Sapanca opens its world full of fun, adventure, and adrenaline to you. You can enjoy nature and feed your adventurous spirit with many different activities, from ATV and UTV safaris to treasure hunting, outdoor range shooting, trekking activities, and lake tours. At Adventure Park, which promises different experiences, you can access many enjoyable activities as well as nature sports and activities that come to life in the arms of nature.

You can visit Elite World Grand Sapanca to take your place at Adventure Park without wasting any time.


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