Enjoyable Songs to Listen to by the Campfire

If you are someone who is bored of the crowded and suffocating pace of city life and wants to immerse yourself in nature, you can have a pleasant time around the campfire. If you are looking for an opportunity to be alone with your friends, loved ones, or yourself, you should choose the songs to accompany the campfire well. Come and let's take a look at the songs that will make you relax, create a romantic atmosphere and feed your soul together!

1. The Animals - House Of The Rising Sun

There is nothing like the peace of a campfire in the dark of the night, in the slightly cool air. One of the most beautiful songs that can accompany this peaceful environment is House Of The Rising Sun. Enjoy the night with a song that will taste like a preview of the good times you will have!

2. Kansas - Dust In The Wind

Dust In The Wind is an indispensable piece for moments when you want to listen to your mind alone and immerse yourself in the peace of nature. Every second you are alone with your thoughts will combine with the lyrics of the song to create a pleasant atmosphere. As in the lyrics, you have to let yourself go with the flow of the wind because "All we are dust in the wind".

3. Adamlar - Orda Ortada 

Spending time under the night sky is an ideal choice for you to escape from the pace of work, the stresses of life, and sometimes from yourself. Orda Ortada is the song that will take you back to the past when the campfire warms your heart and soothes your soul, and will start friendly conversations where you will say "Ah o zamanlar..." ("Oh, back then..."). Now it's time to sing along to the lyrics of the song!

4. Harry Chapin - Cat's in the Cradle

One of the songs that best accompanies the sound of the burning campfire is Cat's in the Cradle. During pleasant times with your family, you can light a campfire by opening this song, leave yourself to Harry Chapin's voice, and get away from the stress for a moment.

5. Pinhani - Dünyadan Uzak

Are you excited about a weekend getaway or that long-awaited vacation? To make your holiday much more enjoyable, you can light a campfire and have deep conversations with your loved ones. If you are planning to spend this holiday with your significant other, light the campfire, prepare your drinks, and enjoy the peace by hugging your significant other at that moment away from the world, as in Pinhani's song Dünyadan Uzak (Far Away From The World!)

6. Kargo - Yıldızların Altında (Under the Stars)

Dear nature lovers, when was the last time you looked at the sky where you felt like you were intoxicated from love, not from drinking? This song will accompany you as you search for answers to all these questions. Don't forget to turn up the music while listening to Yıldızların Altında (Under the Stars). Thus, you can immerse yourself more easily in that deep mystery of the sky.

7. Tom Odell - Another Love

Settle into your camping chair and wear your headphones. Close your eyes and play the song Another Love. Just surrender all your soul to its rhythm, to its lyrics. Let your feelings move around, not your mind. Let your ideas and dreams dance in that dark space. Turn up the volume of the song. Just keep watching the show of your dreams that you can't even admit to yourself. Have fun listening to it...

8. Melike Şahin - Pusulam Rüzgâr 

Are you looking for a moment to confess how you feel towards your platonic love that you can't admit your feelings to? You don't always need a compass to find your way. Sometimes a song is all needed for a little encouragement and to say "Pusulam Rüzgâr" ("My compass is the wind." ) If you want to create a moment where you will confess your love in that romantic atmosphere created by the campfire, you can get support from Melike Şahin's unique voice, "Pusulam Rüzgâr". Who knows, maybe this is how the first step of that relationship you've been dreaming about for a long time will finally come true!

Where is the best location to light a campfire?

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