Best Travel Applications to Make Your Life Easier During Your Travel Abroad

Planning a trip abroad can be quite difficult, considering passport and visa procedures, luggage preparations and lists of places to visit. Especially if you are going to a place that you have not seen before for the first time, some of the things that you don't know about may increase the excitement of the travel. If you take precautions in advance in case unexpected problems arise during your trip, these unknown things can be eliminated easily. This is where travel apps come into play! Thanks to applications that help you from transportation and location suggestions to converting currencies, you can complete many of your tasks with a single click. In the list that we have prepared for you, we have listed useful applications that enable you to travel abroad more comfortably.


1. Free WiFi Finder

Wi-Fi access is one of the most difficult issues abroad. If you do not have a line that is available abroad, you need to find Wi-Fi to communicate with your loved ones, find directions and look at venue recommendations. This application shows you the nearest free Wi-Fi point so that you don't have to live without any internet connection while traveling. You can detect the networks that you can connect to easily and the speed of these networks with Free WiFi Finder, which you can download for free from the Play Store or App Store.


2. XE Currency

It is not always easy to keep up with current exchange rates and transfer money when you are abroad. With the XE Currency application, you can convert different currencies and follow exchange rates. With this free application, you can monitor your foreign exchange rate changes by controlling your expenses abroad.



When you go abroad, you need a map to find your route. You can now quickly see the shortest route and cheapest mode of transportation to your destination from the map applications. CityMaps2Go application becomes handy, allowing you to access maps even when you do not have an internet connection. Thanks to this application, you can download the map of the cities that you will visit to your phone in advance and find the locations that you will visit on the map. In this way, you can find your route abroad easily without needing an internet connection.

4. Yelp

When you go to a country that you know nothing about, you may be confused about where to go and what to eat. In such a situation, Yelp comes to your rescue. The application, which shows a list of cafes, restaurants, and bars wherever you go, offers you options that are according to the cuisine that you desire. In addition to venue recommendations, you can also find customer reviews and menus of venues on Yelp.


5. HostelWorld

It is quite difficult to choose accommodation when you go abroad. You may not be able to decide on the hotel that you are looking for due to security, budget, and transportation problems. HostelWorld brings together various hostels in the city of your choice and shows you them in detail. HostelWorld, which lists more budget-friendly alternatives, is an application that offers solutions to your accommodation needs.


7. AccuWeather

You can use the AccuWeather application to find out the weather in the city that you will visit. You can follow the weather forecast minute by minute with this application, which will help you to plan out your day. You can complete your trip without disrupting your plans with the application that allows you to be aware of every detail of the weather situation, from the current air quality to the direction of the wind.


8. Rebtel

Making phone calls between countries can have high fees. The Rebtel app helps you overcome this challenge. Now you can make international communications without any extra effort. Moreover, you can benefit from up to 98% discount on long-distance calls.


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