8 Different Wedding Concepts for Those Getting Married in Winter

Would you like to have a wonderful winter wedding despite those who say there can't be any wedding in winter? Then you should certainly have a look at the guide that we have prepared for you. The first detail you need for a unique wedding that will warm you despite the winter cold is to determine the wedding concept. Once you determine your concept, it becomes easier to choose the wedding dress, groom's suit, flowers, table decorations and other decorative objects that are suitable for the concept. Here are the stylish wedding concepts we have prepared for you.


1. Rustic Wedding Concept

When it comes to a free and comfortable concept, the rustic concept is one of the first alternatives that comes to mind, creating a warm environment in winter. In this concept, which includes natural details, regular or dried flowers, wood and wood texture are frequently used. Flowers in pastel shades and various decorations made of wood color can be placed on your table. Wooden candle holders, dried flowers, and accessories with elements from nature that add a natural atmosphere to the environment are among the elements that complete this concept.


2. Pearl Themed Wedding Concept

If you are looking for an elegant concept for your wedding, you can benefit from themes in which pearls stand out. In the pearl-themed wedding concept, you can create a stylish ambiance consisting of white flowers in glass bells, pearl decorations and candles. If it snows during your wedding, the view created by the snow can turn the environment that you decorated with pearls into a fairy tale.


3. Vintage Wedding Concept

If you would like to reflect the naive style of old times in your wedding, the vintage wedding concept is just for you! In this concept, you can say "Yes!" eternally under the floral arch. You can decorate the surroundings with flowers in peach and pink tones and add small details to the environment with beige fabrics. You can have a nostalgic wedding with your preferred lace-embroidered wedding dress.


4. Pinecone Themed Wedding Concept

You can use pinecones, which become more visible in the winter, in many decorations. The pinecone-themed wedding concept is also a great option for winter weddings. You can create a reflection of nature in the environment with the cones and leaves to add to your wedding decorations. You can place the pinecones in your bride's bouquet, the groom's boutonniere, or around the candles.


5. Cozy Wedding Concept

You can bring the confidence, peace and sincerity that comes with relaxing in your warm home in cold weather to your wedding. The word Cozy is also used in Turkish for these environments where you feel comfortable and friendly. For a cozy wedding concept, you can create seating areas with comfortable pillows and armchairs at your wedding. You can choose a blanket as a chair decoration. You can gift your guests coffee cups that will remind them of this warm atmosphere.


6. Ottoman Palace Wedding Concept

If you admire ostentation and exaggeration, the wedding concept that is reminiscent of the Ottoman palace might be the right choice for you! Since the decorations are abundant and diverse, this concept is generally preferred in indoor spaces in winter. In these Ottoman-like weddings, especially gold-leafed thrones, large chandeliers, crystals, and antique objects are used. Since tulips symbolize the Ottoman Empire, they should be a priority in your flower choice.


7. Transparent Wedding Concept

Those who prefer simplicity in their wedding prefer the transparent concept. The transparent wedding concept, prepared with minimalist, simple and stylish details, includes transparent balloons, glass plates, candle holders, vases, and welcome signs. In addition to transparent details, if you would like to add some color to the environment, you can use gold, copper, or silver colors.

8. New Year’s Eve Themed Wedding Concept

When we think of the winter season, New Year's Eve comes to mind. If you are planning to hold your wedding in winter, you can benefit from the New Year's Eve theme. Your flower choice may be the Christmas flower known as coquina. You can use coquina flowers and cones as cake decoration. Your wedding can turn into a New Year's Eve event, thanks to the coquinas you include in the candle holders or in the bridal bouquet.


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