Kebab is undoubtedly one of the world-famous flavors of Turkish cuisine. There is a type of kebab for almost every region in our country. Although the ingredients that are used in making kebabs are the same, the types of kebabs and the way they are made may differ. In this article, we will include different varieties of the world-famous Turkish kebab. Here are the delicious kebab varieties that will fascinate you with their taste!


1. Adana Kebabı

As in the title, Adana kebabı, which belongs to the Adana region, is one of the most consumed kebab types. We can say that Adana kebabı is very similar to Urfa kebab, but they differ from each other only in terms of being spicy. If you are one of those who say, "I love spicy food!", Adana kebab is the right fit for you. In this type of kebab, ground meat obtained from special parts of the meat is wrapped on a skewer and cooked over a wood fire. In the finale, it is served with bulgur pilaf and roasted vegetables, giving the people who are consuming a feast of taste.


2. Cağ Kebabı

Cağ kebabı, from the Erzurum region, is a type of kebab that amazes with its taste. Its name comes from the "cağ" corner, which is given to the skewer in which the meat is placed. The kebab which is cooked as a whole is placed in cağ and served with lavash. You can double the taste of the kebab by drinking a delicious homemade ayran on the side!


3. Tepsi Kebabı

Tepsi Kebabı is a type of kebab from the Hatay region and is also made with ground meat. During the preparation, ground meat is spread into the tray and potato slices and vegetables are placed on top. At the end, tomato paste with water is added and left for it to cook. In the finale, a deliciously fragrant and scrumptious kebab variety emerges. If you haven't tried Tepsi Kebabı before, we advise you to try it right away!


4. Patlıcan Kebabı

Patlıcan kebabı, which belongs to the Gaziantep region, is widely consumed in the Southeastern Anatolia region, especially during the winter seasons. Eggplant and meatballs made from specially made ground meat are used in the preparation of Patlıcan kebabı. Meatballs and eggplants are first arranged in a pattern on a tray, then peppers and tomatoes are placed between them. You can gift yourself a wonderful kebab experience by adding appetizers that suit your taste!

5. Çökertme Kebabı

Çökertme Kebabı is a type of kebab from the Bodrum region and has a very mild taste compared to other kebab types. While serving, crispy potatoes are placed under the plate, then meat and yogurt are added on top. In some types of service, French fries are preferred instead of potatoes. We recommend you try both varieties, we are sure that you will not regret it!


6. Orman Kebabı

Orman kebabı, which belongs to the Bolu region, is quite different from other kebab types. Meat in small pieces, French fries and water are used for its preparation. You can prepare Orman kebabı easily which is generally consumed with rice and lavash, at home and enjoy it.


7. Bohça Kebabı

You can make Bohça kebabı which is a type of kebab from the Manisa region with crepe or phyllo dough. When it comes to making this kebab type, which is very filling because it uses crepes and phyllo, the meat is sautéed with plenty of peas, bundled with crepes or phyllo and garnished with béchamel sauce. The result is a very different and delicious type of kebab. Bon Appetit!


8. Beyti Kebabı

Beyti kebabı is a type of kebab originating from the Urfa region, is made from meatballs wrapped in crispy phyllo dough. Yogurt and tomato paste sauce is poured on top and it tastes way better in this way. This type of kebab, which is extremely easy to make at home, is quite scrumptious. If you are wondering "What should I cook for dinner?", your answer is right here!

9. Oruk Kebabı

Oruk kebabı is a type of kebab from the Kilis region, that resembles Adana kebabı in appearance. Lamb meat is used in the preparation of Kilis kebab. This type of kebab, which complements its flavor with the support of ground meat, onion, and spices, is generally served with lavash and bulgur pilaf.


10. Büryan Kebabı

Büryan kebabı is a delicacy of the Siirt region and is also one of the most special tastes of the Ottoman palace cuisine. In this type of kebab, the meat is served by placing it on pita bread. We are sure that a delicious salad and appetizer that are prepared with fresh ingredients will go well with Büryan kebab.

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