The Most Pleasant Routes for Destination Weddings

If you don't like traditional weddings and want to organize your happiest day as you imagine, destination weddings are for you! Destination weddings are usually far away from where you live, or your hometown and you can plan every detail yourself.

You can have destination weddings in a different city or in a country that is far away. Thus, you can plan your honeymoon and have your wedding and holiday together. You can have your destination wedding by the sea, in the country, or even in a castle! We have reviewed the best destination wedding routes for you. Here are those places...


İstanbul's Fascinating Bosphorus View

İstanbul, the center of many different cultures with its deep-rooted history, is one of the most beautiful cities for destination weddings. At the junction of Asia and Europe, you can have your wedding accompanied by a view of the Bosphorus or historical places. You can spend your honeymoon and make your happiest day unforgettable in İstanbul, where there are many places to have fun after your wedding and many historical artifacts and museums you can visit and see.


Natural Beauties of Maldives

Maldives is certainly one of the first places that come to mind when it comes to sea, sand, and sun. A magical atmosphere that will adorn the dreams of everyone who wants a beach wedding with its magnificent sea, coast, and nature... Its white sand and stunning scenery are among the most beautiful places that summer lovers can choose to have a wedding. If you want an unforgettable beach wedding, you can make your happiest day even more special in the Maldives.


Offering a Unique Atmosphere, Cappadocia

Cappadocia stands out as a perfect venue for destination weddings with its unique landforms, historical structures, and many other touristic features. You can make your wedding unforgettable thanks to the unique atmosphere and natural beauty of Cappadocia. After your wedding, you can visit Cappadocia on a balloon tour and enjoy the enchanting atmosphere.


Fascinating Florence with its Historical Texture

Florence, one of the most beautiful cities in the world, can be a great choice for those who want a city wedding. The city with its unique architecture fascinates you with its historical texture. In Florence, where there are many places to visit, you can include both your wedding and your honeymoon among your most beautiful memories.


England's Magnificent Castles

If you want your wedding to be at the castle, you should definitely change your route to England. Castles with breathtaking architecture that have witnessed the history of England can be one of the most beautiful venues for your wedding. You can spend your best day in the castles that look fascinating with their magnificent structure, and you can feel like a prince or princess at your wedding.


Bali's Exotic Atmosphere

If you want to have your wedding in the exotic atmosphere of the Asian continent, Bali may be the right route for you. Bali stands out as an unforgettable wedding venue with its historical temples, beaches, and its exotic beauty. You may want to get to know different cultures, taste local delicacies and perhaps discover natural beauties that you cannot see anywhere else. In addition to its rich culture, you can have an unforgettable wedding in Bali, which is a very romantic place. You can also turn your honeymoon into a very enjoyable holiday.


Magnificent Bays of Muğla

If your dream wedding is a country wedding or a beach wedding, Muğla can meet all your expectations. You can have a very beautiful beach wedding with its magnificent coves, beach, and sea. In addition to its beaches, the city offers good opportunities for rural weddings with its green areas. The city, which has beaches and green areas intertwined, provides you with many opportunities for the wedding you require.


Meeting of Blue and Green in Sapanca

Sapanca's unique nature wins the appreciation of those who want to have a destination wedding. You can choose Sapanca to enjoy your wedding in nature, away from the noise of the city. If you want to have an unforgettable day for yourself and your guests, you can organize an organization on the lake shore, in the lush nature with the concept of accommodation.

Elite World Grand Sapanca, located in the heart of Sapanca, might be the best route for an enjoyable destination wedding. You can have your dream wedding here either in the ballroom or in the garden of the hotel. Accommodation service for your Elite World Grand Sapanca guests and valet; It also offers many services for your families, such as a wedding preparation room.

Tables, chairs, and decorations prepared according to your taste and wishes appeal both to the eyes of your guests and to your dreams. Wedding meals and cakes prepared by award-winning chefs add a stylish touch to your wedding. You can also contact Elite World Grand Sapanca to make the wedding of your dreams the best way possible.


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